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Lincoln, Bob
Lincoln, Robert Todd
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Abbott, Jacob (1803-1879)
Abbott, John S. C. (1805-1877)
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot (1805-1877)
Case, Richard G.
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress)
Lincoln Collection (Library of Congress)
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865)
Lossing, Benson John (1813-1891)
Remey, Charles Mason (1874-1974)
Williams, Edwin (1797-1854)
Adventures and historical researches in Mexico and its silver mines during parts of the years 1851-52-53-54
America and her commentators : with a critical sketch of travel in the United States
history of Abraham Lincoln, and the overthrow of slavery, The
History of Alexander the Great
History of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
History of Cyrus the Great
History of Darius the Great
History of Hannibal, the Carthaginian
History of Hernando Cortez
History of Independence Hall : from the earliest period to the present time, embracing biographies of the immortal signers of the Declaration of Independence, with historical sketches of the sacred relics preserved in that sanctuary of American freedom
history of Indiana from its earliest exploration by Europeans to the close of the territorial government in 1816, A : comprehending a history of the discovery, settlement, and civil and military affairs of the territory of the U.S. northwest of the river Ohio, and a general view of the progress of public affairs in Indiana from 1816 to 1856
History of Josephine
History of Julius Caesar
History of King Alfred of England
History of King Charles the First of England
History of King Charles the Second of England
History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags : including the early history of the settlers of New England
History of King Richard the First of England
History of King Richard the Second of England
History of King Richard the Third of England
History of Madame Roland
History of Mary, Queen of Scots
History of Nero
History of Pyrrhus
History of Queen Elizabeth
History of Romulus
History of the city of New York from its earliest settlement to the present time
History of West Point, and its military importance during the American Revolution : and the origin and progress of the United States Military Academy
History of William the Conqueror
History of Xerxes the Great
Jefferson at Monticello : the private life of Thomas Jefferson : from entirely new materials, with numerous facsimiles
Lectures on metaphysics and logic
Life of Andrew Jackson
Mexico and its religion
Mexico, its peasants and its priests, or, Adventures and historical researches in Mexico and its silver mines during parts of the years 1851-52-53-54 : with an exposé of the fabulous character of the story of the conquest of Mexico by Cortez
Military dictionary : comprising technical definitions, information on raising and keeping troops, actual service, including makeshifts and improved materiel, and law, government, regulation, and administration relating to land forces
national history of the United States, from the period of the union of the colonies against the French, to the inauguration of Washington, The : Together with historical sketches of the continental presidents and an account of the public property of the United States.
national portrait gallery of distinguished Americans, The : with biographical sketches.
Party leaders : sketches of Thomas Jefferson, Alex'r Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, John Randolph of Roanoke, including notices of many other distinguished American statesmen
portrait of Abraham Lincoln in letters, A
Revolutionary services and civil life of General William Hull
Robert Todd Lincoln family papers
Speech of Hon. Robert T. Lincoln made at the celebration of the thirty-eighth anniversary of the Lincoln-Douglas debate, Galesburg, Ill., Octobert 7, 1896.
statesman's manual, The : containing the addresses and messages of the presidents of the United States, inaugural, annual, and special, from 1789 to 1858 : with a memoir of each of the presidents, and a history of their administrations : also treaties between the United States and foreign powers, Constitution of the United States, presidents' proclamations, and other important documents and statistical information
war powers of the President, military arrests, and reconstruction of the Union, The
works of William E. Channing, The : with an introduction.