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G. W, George Whitehead
W, G.
W, George Whitehead
Whitehead, G.
Whitehead, George
Whitehead, George ((Quaker leader))
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writer of accompanying material
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John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)
Mead, William (1628-1713. [from old catalog])
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Penn, William (1644-1718)
Scandrett, Stephen
Séwel, Willem (1654-1720)
Tuke, Samuel (1784-1857)
Waldenfield, Samuel ([from old catalog])
Waldorp, Antoni (Amsterdam)
Wyeth, Joseph (1663-1731)
accuser of our brethren cast down in righteous judgment against that spirit of hellish jealousie., The
Anguis flagellatus: or, a switch for the snake. : Being an answer to the third and last edition of The snake in the grass ...
Antidote against the venome of the snake in the grass, or, the book so stiled and the christian people called quakers vindicated from its most gross abuses and calumnies in certain reflections detecting the nameless author's malice, outrage, and persecution against the said people : unto which is annex'd a brief examination of the author's second book stil'd satan dis-rob'd : also, some notice taken of his discourse for the divine institution of water-baptism
appendix: being some sober and short animadversions upon certain passages in Tho. Hicks dialogue ..., An
authority of the true ministry, The
Beknópt vertoog van de christelyke leere des vólks genaamd Quakers, ...
brief epistle for unity and good order, among all Friends professing the blessed truth and recommended to their monthly and quarterly-meetings ..., A
case of the suffering people of God ... 1664:, The
Christian progress of George Whitehead., The
Christian-Quaker and his divine testimony vindicated by Scripture, reason and authorities against injurious attempts that have been lately made by several adversaries... in II parts, the 1st more general, by William Penn, the 2nd more particular, by George Whitehead, The
collection of sundry books, epistles, and papers written by james nayler, some of which were never before printed: with an impartial relation of the most remarkable transactions relating to his life, a
epistle to our Christian friends called Quakers in behalf of that faith which was once delivered to the saints of old ..., An
evangelical epistle to the people of God, in derision call'd Quakers, An
exact narrative of the proceedings at Turners-hall, An
gospel salutation in true Christian love ..., A
gracious design of true Christianity, and the Gospel of Christ pleaded and vindicated, against misconstruction and perversion, according to Holy Scripture testimony ..., The
harmony of divine and heavenly doctrines;, The
he-goats horn broken, or, Innocency elevated against insolency & impudent falshood, The : in answer to two books against the people of God called Quakers : the one entitled, A fuller discovery ... the authors of which are John Horn, Thomas Moore senior, and Thomas Moore junior : and the other book is falsely called Truth's triumph by John Horn ...
In the Nicobar Islands
Judgement fired upon the accuser of our brethren and the real Christian Quaker vindicated.
Light and truth triumphant:
Memoirs of George Whitehead, a minister of the gospel in the Society of Friends : being the substance of the account of his life
people called Quakers cleared by Geo. Keith, from the false doctrines, charged upon them by G. Keith, and his self-contradictions out of his books., The
Piety promoted by faithfulness manifested by several testimonies concerning that true servant of God, Ann Whitehead.
power of Christ vindicated, against the magick of apostacy:, The
Quakers no deceivers, or, The management of an unjust charge against them confuted, The : being a brief return to a pamphlet, intitled, The Quakers proved deceivers ... by John Horne ...
seasonable caveat against the prevalency of Quakerism., A
serious apology for the principles & practices of the people call'd Quakers, against the malicious aspertions, erronious doctrines, and horrid blasphemies of Thomas Jenner and Timothy Taylor, in their book, entituled, Quakerism anotamiz'd [sic], and confuted ..., A
sober expostulation with some of the clergy, against thier pretended convert Francis Bugg, his repeated gross abuse of the people called Quakers, in his books and pamphlets;, A
sorrows of the quaker jesus: james nayler and the puritan crackdown on the free spirit, the
This is an epistle for the remnant of Friends and chosen of God, whom he hath yet preserved to bear their testimony in and about the city of London; to whom this is a testimony of the dear love and tender care which flowes forth, and is extended towards them and all tender hearts who are concerned in the like sufferings, temptaons [sic] and tryals
Truth prevalent; and the Quakers discharged from the Norfolk-rectors' furious charge. In a sober answer to their book, falsly stiled, "The principles of the Quakers further shewn to be blasphemous and seditious": by these thus remarked authors, viz. Edward Beckham ... Henry Meriton ... Lancaster Topcliffe ... Upon due examination answered