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Mead, Joseph
Meade, Joseph
Meade, Joseph (M.)
Mede, Ioseph
Mede, Joseph
Medus, Joseph
Medus, Josephus
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Buck, Thomas
Clarke, John (Londen)
Dalen, Cornelius van
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Hoare, Edward Newenham (1802-1877)
Norton, Roger (II, Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Royston, Richard (Londen)
apostasy of the latter times. In which, (according to divine prediction) the world should wonder after the Beast, the mysterie of ininquity should so far prevaile over the mysterie of godlinesse, whorish Babylon over the virgin-church of Christ, as that the visible glory of the true church should be much clouded, the true unstained Christian faith corrupted, the purity of true worship polluted. Or, the gentiles theology of daemons, i.e. inferior divine powers: supposed to the mediatours betweene God and man. Revived in the latter times amongst Christians, in worshipping of angels, deifying and invocating of saints, adoring and and templing of reliques, bowing downe to images, worshipping of crosses, &c. All which, together with a true discovery of the nature, originall, progresse, of the great, fatall, and solemne apostasie, are cleered. Delivered in publick some years since upon I Tim. 4.1,2,3, The
book of daniel
book of revelation
Clavis apocalyptica ... 1632.
Clavis apocalyptica ex innatis et insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata : ad eorum usum quibus Deus amorem studiúmq[ue] indiderit prophetiam illam admirandam cognoscendi scrutandíq[ue].
Clavis apocalyptica: or, The key to the Apocalypse.
Dissertationum ecclesiasticarum triga, 1653:
In sancti Joannis Apocalypsin commentarius
Paraleipomena. Remaines on some passages in the Revolation. Whereunto are added severall discourses concerning the holinesse of churches/ by Joseph Mede ; never before published, being exactly printed according to the authors own manuscripts.
paraphrase and exposition of the prophesie of saint Peter, concerning the day of Christ's second coming, described in the third chapter of his second Epistle. As also, how the conflagration, or destruction of the world by fire, (whereof saint Peter speaks) and especially of the heavens, is to be understood, A
paraphrase and exposition of the prophesie of Saint Peter concerning the day of Christs second comming, described in the third chapter of his second Epistle., A
works of that reverend, iudicious, and learned divine, Mr. Ioseph Mede, B.D. ..., The : being discourses on divers texts of Scripture, and four treatises formerly printed: but now revised and corrected according to the authors own manuscript. whereunto are added, sundry discourses on other texts of Scripture, never before published; as also a treatise of the Christian sacrifice, by the same author. Together with two tables ...
works of the pious and profoundly-learned Joseph Mede .., The