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Huntingford, G. I.
Huntingford, George Isaac
Huntingford, Georgius Isaacus
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Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Bishop (1802-1815 : Huntingford) (see also from)
Gregory, George (1754-1808)
Royal humane society, London. [from old catalog]
Sandford, Daniel Keyte Sir, 1798-1838. [from old catalog]
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain)
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain)
Somers, John Somers Cocks (1760-1841; Earl))
Account of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
apology for the monstrophics which were published in 1782, 1784, An
Brief memoirs of the right honourable Henry Addington's Administration, through the first fifteen months from its commencement
Interpretatio poikilēs istopias novâ methodo constructa in usum scholæ Wintoniensis. Studio et labore Georgii Isaaci Huntingford
Introduction to the writing of Greek.
Letter the first addressed to the delegates from the several congregations of Protestant dissenters who met at Devizes on September 14, 1789
M. S. reverendi colendique viri Josephi Wartoni. S.T.P. collegii Wintoniensis non ita pridem magistri; nuperrimè defuncti.
Metrika tina monostrophika. Metrica quædam monostrophica. Auctore Georgio Isaaco Huntingford.
petition of the English Roman Catholics considered in a charge delivered to the clergy in the diocese of Gloucester at the triennial visitation of that diocese in the month of Jjune 1810, The
Reply to the Protestant letter of the Right Reverend the Bishop of Gloucester
sermon, preached at the anniversary of the Royal hunane society, in St. James's church, Westminster, on Sunday, April 24, 1803., A
sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at the church of St. Margaret, Westminster, on Friday, April 19, 1793: ... By George Isaac Huntingford., A
Sermon preached before the incorporated society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign parts at their anniversary meeting in the parish church of st. mary-le-bow, on friday february 15, 1805
sermon preached in the cathedral church of Salisbury, at the triennial visitation of the Lord Bishop of Sarum on Thursday, July 23, 1789; ... By George Isaac Huntingford., A
sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Paul, London, on ... June 2, 1796 being the time of the yearly meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools in and about the cities of London and Westminster, A
Twelve discourses on different subjects By George Isaac Huntingford.