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Bengtsson, L.
Bengtsson, Lennart
Bengtsson, Lennart O.
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Arpe, Klaus
Ghil, Michael
Hagemann, Stefan
Hammer, Claus U.
International Space Science Institute Affiliation (see also from)
Källén, Erland
Lighthill, M. J. (1924-1998))
Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie Affiliation (see also from)
Oerlemans, Johannes
Reichert, Bernhard K.
Semenov, Vladimir A.
Stendel, Martin
Stockholms Universitet Affiliation (see also from)
University of Reading Affiliation (see also from)
Vatican conference on "geosphere-biosphere interactions and climate" (Vatican) (1998)
Williamson, David L.
Advanced algorithms of inversion of GPS/MET satellite data and their application to reconstruction of temperature and humidity
Can climate trends be calculated from re-analysis data?
Dynamic meteorology data assimilation methods
early century warming in the Arctic a possible mechanism, The
earth's cryosphere and sea level change, The
earth's hydrological cycle, The
Geosphere-biosphere interactions and climate [Study conference held at the Pontifical Academy of sciences, 9-11 novembre 1998]
Global ocean warming tied to anthopogenic forcing
Horizonte : wie weit reicht unsere Erkenntnis heute?
How representative are recent temperature trends?
Hurricane type vortices in a general circulation model
Impact of global warming on the Asian winter monsoon in a coupled GCM
Intense atmospheric vortices : proceedings of the joint symposium (IUTAM/IUGG) held at Reading (United Kingdom) July 14-17, 1981
Madden Julian oscillation in the ECHAM4/OPYC3 CGCM, The
Midlatitude forcing mechanisms for glacier mass balance investigated using general circulation models
Modes of the wintertime Arctic temperature variability
Monitoring the temperature of the troposphere by means of a general circulation model
Natural climate variability as indicated by glaciers and implications for climate change a modeling study
Observing and modeling Earth's energy flows
On the determination of atmospheric water vapour from GPS measurements
On the impact of the El Niño, Southern oscillation phenomenon on the atmospheric circulation in the Northern hemisphere extratropics
Secular trends in daily precipitation characteristics greenhouse gas simulation with a coupled AOGCM
Sensitivity of large scale atmospheric analyses to humidity observations and its impact on the global water cycle and tropical and extra-tropical weather systems
Space refractive tomography of the atmosphere modeling of direct and inverse problems
statistical dynamical modeling approach for the simulation of local paleo proxy records using GCM output, A
Stratospheric climate and variability from a general circulation model and observations
Towards understanding the climate of Venus applications of terrestrial models to our sister planet
Weather forecasting and weather forecasts : models, systems, and users : notes from a colloquium, summer 1976
Why is the global warming proceeding much slower than expected?
Will greenhouse gas induced warming over the next 50 years lead to higher frequency and greater intensity of hurricanes?