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Barrington, Shute
Dunelm, S.
Dunelm, Shute
Durham, Shute Barrington (Bishop of)
Landaff, Shute (Bishop of)
Llandaff, Shute Barrington (Bishop of)
Sarum, Shute Barrington (Bishop of)
Shute (Bishop of Durham)
Shute (Bishop of Llandaff)
Shute (Bishop of Sarum)
Shute (of Durham)
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Baker, W. (1743-1824)
Baker, William (1743-1824)
Bernard, Sir
Bernard, Thomas
Church of England Diocese of Durham Bishop (1791-1826 : Barrington) (see also from)
Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Bishop (1782-1791 : Barrington) (see also from)
Church of England. Diocese of Durham. Bishop (1791-1826 : Barrington)
Church of England. Diocese of Salisbury. Bishop (1782-1791 : Barrington)
Faber, George Stanley (1773-1854))
Rose, George (1744-1818))
Simpson, Esq
Simpson, Thomas
Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor (Great Britain)
Stockdale, Percival (1736-1811))
Veritas, pseud ([from old catalog])
Winchilsea, George Finch (earl of (1752-1826).)
charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Sarum, at the primary visitation of that diocese, in the year MDCCLXXXIII by Shute Lord Bishop of Sarum., A
house of Peeresses or, female oratory. Containing the debates of several Peeresses on the Bishop of Landaff's Bill for the more effectual discouragement of the crime of adultery., The
letter to the Honourable and Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Durham, president of the Society for Bettering the Condition of the Poor, on the principle and detail of the measures now under consideration of Parliament for promoting and encouraging industry and for the relief and regulation of the poor, A
Letters between the Honourable, and Right Reverend Father in God, Shute, by divine providence, Lord Bishop of Durham ... and Percival Stockdale: a correspondence interesting to every lover of literature, freedom, and religion.
political life of William Wildman Viscount Barrington, The
Resolutions of the Incorporation of Merchants in Leith.