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Leithart, Peter
Leithart, Peter J.
Leithart, Peter James
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Barach, John
Grant, George (1954-)
Jones, Douglas M.
Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
1st and 2nd Kings
against christianity
Ascent to love : a guide to Dante's Divine comedy
ascent to love: a guide to [[dante|dante's]] [[divine comedy]]
baptized body, the
Between Babel and beast : America and empires in biblical perspective
Blessed are the hungry, 2000:
blessed are the hungry: meditations on the [[eucharist|lord's supper]]
Blessed are the hungry : meditations on the Lord's Supper
brightest heaven of invention: a christian guide to six [[shakespeare]] plays
catechism of the new age: a response to dungeons and dragons, the
clean air: a citizen's handbook for media accountability
Deep comedy : trinity, tragedy, and hope in western literature
Deep exegesis : the mystery of reading Scripture
Defending Constantine : the twilight of an empire and the dawn of Christendom
Dismissing Jesus : how we evade the way of the Cross
Four, The : a survey of the Gospels
From silence to song : the Davidic liturgical revolution
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Gathered around the throne, c1991:
glory of kings, The : a festschrift in honor of James B. Jordan
Gratitude : an intellectual history
great mystery, A : fourteen wedding sermons
great mystery: fourteen wedding sermons, a
Heroes of the city of man : a Christian guide to select ancient literature
house for My name, A : a survey of the Old Testament
house for my name: a survey of the [[old testament]], a
in defense of greatness: how biblical character shapes a nation's destiny
In defense of greatness : how character shapes our nation's destiny
iron philosophy, The ; stoic elements in Calvin's doctrine of mortification
Jane Austen : writer of fancy
kingdom and the power, c1993:, The
kingdom and the power: rediscovering the centrality of the church, the
kingdom and the power, The : rediscovering the centrality of the church
Miniatures and morals : the Christian novels of Jane Austen
priesthood of the plebs: a theology of baptism, the
promise of his appearing: an exposition of second peter, the
promise of His appearing, The : an exposition of Second Peter
reduction of christianity, the
Solomon among the postmoderns
son to me, A : an exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel
through new eyes bible commentary series, the
walls came tumbling down: the fall of communism in our time, the
Wise words : family stories that bring the Proverbs to life
writer of fancy: the playful piety of jane austen
Thesis (Th. M.)--Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1987