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Irish Catholic
M'Neven, William James
Mac Neven, William James
MacNeven, James
MacNeven, W. J.
Macneven, William James
MacNeven, Wm. James
Macnevin, William
Macnevin, William James
Mc Neven, William James
McNeven, William James
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Language material
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Emmet, Thomas Addis (1764-1827)
Francis, John W. (1789-1861)
Francis, John Wakefield (1789-1861)
Griscom, John (1774-1852)
Hosack, David (1769-1835)
Jefferson Exhibit Collection (Library of Congress)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Mitchill, Samuel L. (1764-1831)
Mitchill, Samuel Latham (1764-1831)
Mott, Valentine (1785-1865)
O'Connor, Arthur (1763-1852)
annales de chimie
argument for independence, in opposition to an union. Addressed to all his countrymen. By an Irish Catholic, An
chemical examination of the mineral water of Schooley's Mountain springs, A
chymical examination of the mineral water of Schooley's Mountain, A : together with a physical geography of the first range of mountains extending across New Jersey, from the Hudson to the Delaware
Documents in the matter of an application to the honorable the Legislature of the State of New-York, for a charter for Manhattan College.
Exposition of the atomic theory of chymistry; and the doctrine of definite proportions.
Introductory discourse to a few lectures on the application of chemistry to agriculture : delivered before the New-York Athenaeum in the winter of 1825
manual of chemistry; containing the principal facts of the science, arranged in the order in which they are discussed and illustrated in the lectures at the Royal Institution of Great Britain., A
origin and progress of the Irish Union, The
Pieces of Irish history ..., 1807:
Pieces of Irish history, illustrative of the condition of the Catholics of Ireland : of origin and progress of the political system of the United Irishmen : and of their transactions with the Anglo-Irish government
Pieces of the Irish History. -
ramble through Swisserland, in the summer and autumn of 1802, A
rise & progress of the Irish union, as stated to government, in August 1798 By Arthur O'Connor, &c. &c. Together with such parts of the examination of Arthur O'Connor, T.A. Emmet, & Doctor Mc'Nevin, before the Hours of Lords, as they themselves took notes of., The
tabular view of the modern nomenclature, and system of chemistry., A