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Tennent, Gilbert
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Eastburn, Robert (1710-1778))
Force, Peter (1790-1868)
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790))
Hall, David (1714-1772))
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Stichting De Tabernakel
Tennent, John (1706-1732))
Whitefield, George (1714-1770)
All things come alike to all : a sermon on Eccles. IX 1, 2, and 3 verses, occasioned by a person's being struck by the lightning of thunder : preached at Philadelphia July the 28th, 1745
Bekeert u
blessedness of peace-makers represented; and the danger of persecution considered in two sermons, on Mat. V. 9. preach'd at Philadelphia, the 3d Wednesday in May, 1759, before the Reverend the Synod, of New-York and Philadelphia, by Gilbert Tennent, A.M. [Twelve lines of quotations]., The
Danger of an unconverted ministry
divine government over all considered, and the necessity of gratitude for benefits conferred (by it), The : represented in two sermons preach'd June 7th, 1752 in the Presbyterian church lately erected in Arch-Street in the city of Philadelphia on occasion of the first celebration of religious worship there
espousals, or, A passionate perswasive to a marriage with the Lamb of God, &c., The : in a sermon upon Gen. xxiv. 49
examiner examined, or, Gilbert Tennent harmonious, The : in answer to a pamphlet entitled The examiner, or, Gilbert against Tennent : being a vindication of the Rev. Gilbert Tennent and his associates, together with six rev. ministers of Boston, from the unjust reflections cast upon them by the author of that anonymous pamphlet ...
faithful minister encouraged A sermon, preached at the opening of the Synod of of [sic] New-York, met at Philadelphia, October 1. 1755. By James Davenport, A.M. Late Minister of the Gospel at Southwold, on Long-Island, now at Hopewell, in New-Jersey. Published at the request of some of the hearers. [Seven lines of Scripture texts]., The
faithful narrative, of the many dangers and sufferings, as well as wonderful deliverances of Robert Eastburn, during his late captivity among the Indians together with some remarks upon the country of Canada, and the religion, and policy of it inhabitants; the whole intermixed with devout reflections. By Robert Eastburn. Published at the earnest request of many friends, for the benefit of the author. With a recommendatory preface, by the Rev. Gilbert Tennent. [Six lines from Psalms]., A
Gilbert Tennent, son of thunder
good mans character and reward represented, and his loss deplor'd, together with reflections of the presages of approaching calamities In a funeral discourse, with some enlargements occasioned by the death of Captain William Grant of this city, who departed this life, September 30, 1756. Preached in Philadelphia on the following Sabbath. And now published, at the desire of the hearers. By Gilbert Tennent, A.M. [Six lines of Scripture texts]., The
Late association for defence, encourag'd, or the lawfulness of a defensive war represented in a sermon preach'd at philadelphia december 24. 1747
late association for defence farther encouraged: or, Defensive war defended; and its consistency with true Christianity represented In a reply to some exceptions against war, in a late composure, intituled, The doctrine of Christianity, as held by the people called Quakers, vindicated. By Gilbert Tennent, A.M. [Thirteen lines of Scripture texts], The
nature of regeneration opened and its absolute necessity, in order to salvation, demonstrated, in a sermon from John iii.3. ... By the Revd. Mr. John Tennent, ... To which is added, as an appendix ... an expostulary address to saints and sinners. By Gilbert Tennent., The
necessity of holding fast the truth represented in three sermons on Rev. iii. 3. Preached at New-York, April 1742. With an appendix, relating to errors lately vented by some Moravians in those parts. To which are added, a sermon on the priestly-office of Christ, and another, on the virtue of charity. Together with a sermon of a Dutch divine on taking the little foxes; faithfully translated., The
necessity of keeping the soul, The : a sermon preach'd at Philadelphia, December the 23d, 1744, on Deuteronomy IV, 9
necessity of praising God for mercies receiv'd, The : a sermon occasion'd by the success of the late expedition (under the direction and command of Gen. Pepperel and Com. Warren) in reducing the city and fortresses of Louisburgh on Cape-Breton to the obedience of His Majesty King George the Second : preach'd at Philadelphia July 7, 1745
Remarks upon a protestation presented to the Synod of Philadelphia, June 1. 1741 By Gilbert Tennent, A.M. and Minister of the Gospel in New-Brunswick, New-Jersey. [Two lines from Proverbs]
Reverend Mr. Tennent's sermons on defensive war
righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees considered, The : in a sermon on Matth. V, 20 preach'd at the evening-lecture in Boston, January 27, 1740,1
sermon preach'd at Burlington in New-Jersey, November 23. 1749 Being the day appointed by His Excellency the governor, with the advice of His Majesty's Council, for a provincial thanksgiving. Before the governor and others, upon texts chosen by His Excellency. With a prefatory address to Philip Doddridge, D.D. By Gilbert Tennent, A.M. [Four lines of Scripture texts], A
Sermon preach'd at philadelphia, january 7, 1747-8 being the day appointed by the honourable the president and council to be observed throughout this province as a day of fasting and prayer : with some enlargement
sermon upon justification, A : preached at New-Brunswick, on the Saturday before the dispensing of the holy sacrament, which was the first Sabbath in August, anno 1740
Sermons on important subjects adapted to the perilous state of the British nation, lately preached in Philadelphia
Several discourses upon important subjects : wherein ...
Six sermons on the following subjects : viz I. Christ the believer's husband. II. The Gospel supper. III. Blind Bartimeus. IV. Walking with God. V. The resurrection of Lazarus. VI. Britain's mercies, and Britain's duty
solemn warning to the secure world, 1735:, A
Some account of the principles of the Moravians: chiefly collected from several conversations with Count Zinzendorf; and from some sermons preached by him at Berlin, ... Being an appendix to a treatise on the necessity of holding fast the truth. By Gilbert Tennent
substance and scope of both Testaments, or, The distinguishing glory of the Gospel, The : a sermon on the displays of divine justice, in the propitiatory sacrifice of Christ ... preach'd at Philadelphia, in April 1749
Twenty three sermons upon the chief end of man : the divine authority of the sacred scriptures, the Being and Attributes of God, and the doctrine of the Trinity