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Andersson, F.
Andersson, Frederick
Andersson, Frederik
Andersson, Fredrick
Andersson, Fredrik
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A. Konrad, Kai
Anderberg, D.
Anderberg, Dan
Andersson, Christer
Andersson, F.
Andersson, Frederik
Andersson, Fredrik
Andersson, Tommy
Balestrino, A.
Balestrino, Alessandro
Burgess, Simon M.
Carlsson, Hans
Forslid, Rikard
Holm, Hakan
Holm, Hakan J.
Holm, Håkan J. (1962-)
Holzer, Harry J.
Institutet för Näringslivsforskning (IFN)
Jordahl, Henrik
Konrad, Kai A
Konrad, Kai A.
Konrad, Kai A. (1961-)
Lane, Julia
Lane, Julia I.
London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Economic Performance
Lunds Universitet / Ekonomihögskolan / Nationalekonomiska Institutionen
Lyttkens, Carl Hampus
Skogh, Goran
Svenska kommunförbundet
17th Arne Ryde Symposium, "Focal Points--Coordination, Complexity, and Communication in Strategic Contexts", The
Adverse selection and bilateral asymmetric information
Bilateral asymmetric information and uncertainty aversion in hidden information agency
Career Concerns, Contracts, and Effort Distortions
Cities, matching and the productivity gains of agglomeration, c2004, PDF document:
Empirical Investigation of Efficiency and Price Uniformity in Competing Auctions, An
Essays in the economics of asymmetric information
Experimental economics : financial markets, auctions, and decision making : interviews and contributions from the 20th Arne Ryde Symposium
fundamental asymmetry of asymmetric shocks, A
Globalization and human capital formation
Globalization and Risky Human-Capital Investment.
Human capital investment and globalization in extortionary states
Income taxation and job-market signaling
Investments in human capital, wage uncertainty, and public policy
Konkurrens på kommunala villkor : om konkurrensutsättning och gränsen mellan marknad och byråkrati : en översikt
Make-or-buy decisions and the manipulability of performance measures
On the Cost-vs-Quality Tradeoff in Make-or-Buy Decisions
On the screening power of incentive schemes
Outsourcing Public Services: Ownership, Competition, Quality and Contracting
Pooling reputations
Preferences for equity in health behind a veil of ignorance
Quality, self-regulation, and competition: the case of insurance
Small Pollution Markets: Tradable Permits versus Revelation Mechanisms
Social Insurance with Risk-Reducing Investments.
Speglingar av en förvaltning i förändring
Stratification, social networks in the labour market, and the intergenerational mobility
Tax Competition and Economic Geography
Taxation and education investment in the tertiary sector
Technological Change,Labour Contracts and Income Distribution
Temporary Help Agencies and the Advancement Prospects of Low Earners
Time, Self-Selection and User Charges for Public Goods.
Transparency preference and economic behavior
Trickle-Down Theory of Incentives with Applications to Privatization and Outsourcing, A
Uncertainty aversion-a reply to Oliver
Uncertainty aversion in a simple insurance model
Voluntary quality standards, credibility, and competition in insurance
What We Cannot Learn from the Irish Experience: A fundamental Asymmetry of Asymmetric Shocks