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Bourbon-Orléans, Marguerite Louise de
Luisa Margherita d'Orléans (storhertiginna av Toscana)
Margaret Louise, of Orleans, (consort of Cosimo III, de' Medici, Grand-Duke of Tuscany,)
Margareta Lovisa av Orléans (storhertiginna av Toscana,)
Margherita Luisa d'Orleans (consorte di Cosimo III, granduca di Toscana,)
Margherita Luisa d'Orléans (storhertiginna av Toscana,)
Margherita Luisa (Princess of Orleans, consort of Cosimo III, Grand-Duke of Tuscany,)
Margherita Luisa, Princess of Orleans (consort of Cosimo III, Grand-Duke of Tuscany; Italian noble, 1647-1721)
Margherita Luisa (Toscana, Granduchessa)
Marguerite Louise d'Orléans
Marguerite Louise, d'Orléans, (consort of Cosimo III, Grand-Duke of Tuscany,)
Marguerite-Louise d'Orléans (Grande-Duchesse de Toscane,)
Marguerite Louise Of Orleans
Marguerite Louise (Toscane, Grande-Duchesse)
Marguerite Louise (Toskana, Großherzogin)
Orléans, Marguerite Louise d'
Orléans, Marguerite Louise, (princesse d',)
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Cosimo (III.; Toskana, Großherzog; 1639-1723; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Orléans, Gaston d' (1608-1660; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Ercole in Tebe, 1661:
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