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Forbes, Stephan
Forbes, Stephen Alfred
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Gross, Alfred Otto (1883-)
Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History
Illinois state laboratory of natural history. [from old catalog]
Illinois. Natural History Survey Division
Illinois. State entomologist. [from old catalog]
Richardson, R.E.
Richardson, Robert Earl
Richardson, Robert Earle ([from old catalog])
Ridgway, Robert (1850-1929))
Snyder, Mary J. ([from old catalog])
Arsenical poisons for the codling moth (Carpocapsa pomonella, L.) Record and discussion of experiments for 1885 and 1886
Biological investigations on the Illinois River;
biological survey of a river system--its objects, The
Contents and index of the reports of the state entomologist of Illinois, XIII-XXIV, 1884-1908.
Ecological investigations of Stephen Alfred Forbes.
Fishes of illinois
Forest and stream in Illinois
Fresh water fishes and their ecology
general entomological ecology of the Indian corn plant, The
Grierson's cavalry raid
insect, the farmer, the teacher, the citizen and the state, The
kind of economic entomology which the farmer ought to know, The
lake as a microcosm, The
method of science and the public school, The
numbers and local distribution in summer of Illinois land birds of the open country, The
Some recent changes in Illinois river biology
Studies of the food of birds, insects, and fishes made at the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History at Normal, Illinois