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Talbot, A. N.
Talbot, Arthur Newell
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Enger, Melvin Lorenius (1881-)
Lord, Arthur Russell (1886-)
Moore, Herbert F. (b. 1875.)
Moore, Herbert Fisher (b. 1875.)
Purdy, Ross C. (1875- [from old catalog])
Richart, Frank Erwin (1892-)
Rolfe, Charles Wesley (1850-1934)
Seely, Fred B. (b. 1884)
Slater, Willis Appleford (1878-)
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus). Hydraulic Laboratory
Hydraulic experiments with valves, orifices, hose, nozzles, and orifice buckets.
investigation of built-up columns under load, An
Paving brick and paving brick clays of Illinois.
Qualities of high-grade paving brick and tests used in determining them
railway transition spiral, The
Reinforced concrete wall footings and column footings
Resistance to flow through locomotive water columns
strength of concrete, its relation to the cement aggregates and water, The
Stresses in railroad track, 1980
Test of a flat slab floor of the Western newspaper union building
test of three large reinforced concrete beams, A
Tests of brick columns and terra cotta block columns
Tests of cast-iron and reinforced concrete culvert pipe
Tests of columns; an investigation of the value of concrete as reinforcement for structural steel columns
Tests of concrete and reinforced concrete columns. Series of 1906
Tests of concrete and reinforced concrete columns. Series of 1907
Tests of nickel-steel riveted joints
Tests of reinforced concrete beams
Tests of reinforced concrete flat slab structures
Tests of timber beams