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Hall, Asaph
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Eastman, John R. (1836-1913)
Eastman, John Robie (1836-1913)
Harkness, William (1837-1903)
Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)
Rodgers, John (1812-1882)
Sands, B. F. (1811-1883)
Sands, Benjamin Franklin (1811-1883)
United States Naval Observatory
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Asaph Hall papers
Biographical memoir of John Rodgers, 1812-1882
Catalogue of 151 Stars in Præsepe
Constant of Aberration, The
Observations and Orbits of the Satellites of Mars, With Data for Ephemerides in 1879
Observations for Stellar Parallax
Observations of double stars made at the United States naval observatory
On the application of photography to the determination of astronomical data;
On the secular perturbations of the planets;
Orbit of Iapetus, The
Orbit of the satellite of Neptune
Orbits of Oberon and Titania the Outer Satellites of Uranus, The
parallax of alpha Lyrae and 61 Cygni, The
Reports on observations of Encke's comet during its return in 1871.
Reports on observations of the total solar eclipse of December 22, 1870.
Saturn and its ring, 1875-1889
Six Inner Satellites of Saturn, The
Telescopic observations of the transit of Mercury, May 5-6, 1878