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Zecca, Ferdinand
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Projected medium
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Hatot, Georges (1876-1959)
Henderson-Bland, Robert (1876-1941)
Lorant-Heilbronn, V.
Mathieu, Julienne
Michel, Marc (1812-1868)
Moreau Monsieur
Nonguet, Lucien
Olcott, Sidney (1873-1949)
Pathé Frères (U.S.)
Tschechowa, Olga (1897-1980)
Aeroplane flight and wreck
Arrival of a train at La Ciotat (Lumière films) (n° 653)
Baby's lunch (Lumière films) (n° 88)
Bangville police
barber shop (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896), The
Card party (Lumière films) (n° 73)
chapeau de paille d'Italie, Un
Childish quarrel (Lumière films) (n° 82)
Cockfight (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
Del Pesebre a la Cruz o Jesús de Nazareth
Demolition of a wall (Lumière films) (n° 40)
dog and his various merits (Actualities 1897-1910), The
Dragoons crossing the Saône (Lumière films) (n° 186)
Exiting the factory (Lumière films) (n° 91)
Feeding the doves (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
From the Manger to the Cross or Jesus of Nazareth
girl and her trust, The
Glenroy brothers
golden beetle, The
great train robbery, The
Italian straw hat, The
kiss (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896), The
Landmarks of early film
Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, The
life and passion of Jesus Christ, The : (1905) and From the manger to the cross : (1912)
Lion, London zoological garden (Lumière films) (n° 54)
Nero or The fall of Rome
New York
Noce en goguette
Pack train on Chilkoot Pass (Actualities 1897-1910)
Pasión y Muerte de Jesuscristo
Passion and Death of Christ
Passion de Notre-Seigneur Jésus Christ, La
pêcheur de perles, Le
pêcheur des perles, Le
policemen's little run, The
Poultry-yard (Lumière films) (n° 14)
President McKinley at home (Actualities 1897-1910)
Promenade of Ostriches, Paris botanical gardens (Lumière films) (n° 4)
San Francisco
Seminary girls (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
Series photography 1877-1885
Serpentine dancers (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
Sky scrapers of New York City from North River (Actualities 1897-1910)
Snowball fight (Lumière films) (n° 101)
sprinkler sprinkled (Lumière films) (n° 99), The
tour, La
Transformation by hats, comic view (Lumière films) (n° 105)
trip to the moon, A
Troubles of a grasswidower
Vida y Pasión de Cristo
Vida y Pasión de Jesucristo
Vie du Christ
Vie et la Passion de Jésus Christ, La
whole dam family and the dam dog, The
Windsor McCay and his moving comics