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Philippon, T.
Philippon, Thomas
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Abowd, John M.
Acharya, Viral V
Acharya, Viral V.
Bergstresser, Daniel
Blanchard, Olivier
Borensztein, Eduardo
Comin, Diego
Comin, Diego A.
Dai, Qiang
Franco, Francesco
Guvenen, Fatih
Kedia, Simi
Kramarz, Francis
Margolis, David N.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Economics
Midrigan, Virgiliu
Mueller, Holger M
Mueller, Holger M.
Müller, Holger M. (1969-)
National Bureau of Economic Research
New York University (NYU) / Stern School of Business / Finance Department
Pagnotta, Emiliano
Pedersen, Lasse H
Pedersen, Lasse H.
Reshef, Ariell
Sannikov, Yuliy
Schnabl, Philipp
Skreta, Vasiliki
Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
Bond Market's q, The
capitalisme d'héritiers. le crise française du travail, le
capitalisme d'héritiers, Le : la crise française du travail
ceo incentives and earnings management
Competing on speed
Concentrated ownership and labour relations
Corporate governance over the business cycle
Debt Overhang and Recapitalization in Closed and Open Economies
economics of fraudulent accounting, The
Efficient recapitalization
equilibrium size of the financial sector, The
Estimating Risk-Adjusted Costs of Financial Distress
Family firms, paternalism, and labor relations
Family firms, paternalism and labour relations
Financiers versus Engineers: Should the Financial Sector Be Taxed or Subsidized?
Financiers vs. engineers should the financial sector be taxed or subsidized?
Firm Volatility and Wage Inequality
Firms and Aggregate Dynamics
Fiscal policy and the term structure of interest rates
Has the U.S. Finance Industry Become Less Efficient? On the Theory and Measurement of Financial Intermediation
Household leverage and the recession
How to Calculate Systemic Risk Surcharges
Impact of Differenctial Payroll Tax Subsidies on Minimum Wage Employment, The
impact of differential payroll tax subsidies on minimum wage employment, The
Informational rents, macroeconomic rents, and efficient bailouts
Measuring systemic risk
Monetary Independence in Emerging Markets: Does the Exchange Rate Regime Make a Difference?
No-arbitrage Taylor rules - comments
Optimal interventions in markets with adverse selection
quality of labor relations and unemployment, The
Real options in a dynamic agency model, with applications to financial development, ipos, and business risk
Real options in a dynamic agency model, with applications to financial development, IPOs, and business risks
rise in firm-level volatility: causes and consequences, The
risk-adjusted cost of financial distress, The
Skill biased financial development: education, wages and occupations in the U.S. financial sector
Tail of Two Countries: Minimum Wages and Employment in France and the United States, The
Three essays in macroeconomics
tribune au monde
vive les primaires!
Wages and human capital in the U.S. financial industry: 1909-2006
Why Has the U.S. Financial Sector Grown so Much? The Role of Corporate Finance.
y-theory of investment, The
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Economics, 2003