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N, N. (pseudonym)
Talbot, Peter
Talbot, Peter ((bishop))
Talbot, Petrus
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert (pseudonym)
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friar disciplind, 1674:, The
Friar disciplind, or Animadversions on friar Peter Walsh, his new remonstrant religion... taken out of his "History and vindication of the loyal formulary"... The author, The : Robert Wilson
Nullity of the prelatique clergy, and Church of England furtherdiscovered, in answer to the plaine prevarication, or vaine presumption of D. John Bramhall in his booke intituled, The : The consecration and succession of Protestant bishops justified, &c. and that most true story ofthe first Protestant bishops ordination at the Nagshead verified, their fabulous consecration at Lambeth, with the forgery of Masons records cleerely detected by N.N.
Treatise of the nature of catholic faith and heresie, with reflexion upon the nullity of the English protestant church and clergy, by N. N. [Peter Talbot.], A