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Reinhart, Vincent
Reinhart, Vincent R.
Reinhart, Vincent Raymond
born 1957-08-20
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American Enterprise Institute
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research Affiliation (see also from)
Bernanke, Ben S.
Bomfim, Antulio N.
Feldman, Robert A.
Feldman, Robert Alan
Morgan Stanley International Affiliation (see also from)
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Radecki, Lawrence J.
Reinhart, Carmen
Reinhart, Carmen M.
Reinhart, Vincent
Reinhart, Vincent R.
Reinhart, Vincent Raymond
Reinhart, Vincent-R
Rogoff, Kenneth
Rogoff, Kenneth S.
Sack, Brian
Sack, Brian P.
Simin, Timothy
United States Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Affiliation (see also from)
After the fall
analysis of potential Treasury auction techniques, An
Auction Format Matters - Evidence on Bidding Behavior and Seller Revenue
Bonanzas de flujos de capital: una mirada que abarca el pasado y el presente
Capital flow bonanzas: an encompassing view of the past and present
Capital Inflow “Problem” Revisited, The
Capital inflows and reserve accumulation: the recent evidence
Comment on "The End of Gatekeeping: Underwriters and the Quality of Sovereign Bond Markets, 1815-2007"
Conducting Monetary Policy at Very Low Short-Term Interest Rates
Conducting monetary policy without a nominal anchor
Death and taxes: their implications for endogenous growth
Debt Overhangs Past and Present
design of an interest rate rule with staggered contracting and costly transacting, The
Después del Colapso
Diminished Expectations, Double Dips, and External Shocks: The Decade After the Fall
Economic Consequences of Disappearing Government Debt, The
Entrada de capitales y acumulación de reservas: evidencia reciente
Fiscal stimulus for debt intolerant countries?
Flexible Estimation of Demand Schedules and Revenue under Different Auction Formats
Fluctuaciones del producto y choques monetarios: evidencia colombiana
Forecasting turning points in Canada
From Capital Flow Bonanza to Financial Crash
globalization of financial markets and the effectiveness of monetary policy instruments, The
How the Machinery of International Finance Runs with Sand in Its Wheels.
Interest rate smoothing and staggered contracting
Is a G-3 Target Zone on Target for Emerging Markets?
Is the US too big to fail?
Macroeconomic influences on the U.S.-Japan trade imbalance
Making monetary policy in an uncertain world
Making news: financial market effects of Federal Reserve disclosure practices
market reaction to federal reserve policy action from 1989 to 1992, The
Monetary policy alternatives at the zero bound: an empirical assessment
Monetary policy and uncertainty : adapting to a changing economy -a symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 28-30, 2003
Monetary Policy in a Low-Interest-Rate Environment
No way out : persistent government interventions in the great contraction
On the use of reserve requirements in dealing with capital flow problems
Output Fluctuations and Monetary Shocks: Evidence from Colombia
Output fluctuations and monetary shocks in Colombia: A reply to Garcia
Output Fluctuations and Monetary Shocks in Colombia: Reply to García
Pride Goes Before a Fall: Federal Reserve Policy and Asset Markets
Reading the effects of an energy shock in financial markets
Securing the Peace after a Truce in the War on Inflation
small sample test of structural homogeneity, A
“Some Lessons for Policy Makers Who Deal with the Mixed Blessing of Capital Inflows,”
Targeting Nominal Income in a Dynamic Model.
Theory and evidence on reform of the Treasury's auction procedures
'Tobin tax,' asset accumulation, and the real exchange rate, The
Twin fallacies about exchange rate policy: A note
Twin fallacies about exchange rate policy in emerging markets
Una banda cambiaria en el G–3 ¿Es lo mejor para los mercados emergentes?
What does a G-3 target zone mean for emerging-market economies?
What Hurts Emerging Markets Most? G3 Exchange Rate or Interest Rate Volatility?
What hurts most?: G-3 exchange rate or interest rate volatility
When the North Last Headed South: Revisiting the 1930s
Year of Living Dangerously: The Management of the Financial Crisis in 2008, A