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Edward, Hobbey
Hobbie, Edward (Sir)
Hobies, Edvv (Sir)
Hobies, Edvvard (Sir)
Hoby, Edvv (Sir)
Hoby, Edvvard (Sir)
Hoby, Edward
Hoby, Edward (Sir)
Hoby, Edwarde (Sir)
Hoby, Sir Edward
Hobyes, Edward (Sir)
Nick-groome of the Hobie-stable
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Coignet, Matthieu (sieur de La Thuillerie, 1514-1586.)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Mendoza, Bernardino de (1540 or 1541-1604)
Newbery, Ralph (d. 1604)
Schilders, Richard -1634
Windet, John (d. 1610)
apology of Theophilus Higgons lately minister, now Catholique, 1609:, The
counter-snarle for ishmael rabshakeh a cycropedian lycaonite, a
curry-combe for a сохе-combe . . . in answer to a lewd libel lately foricated by jabal rachil against sir edward hobies "counter-snarle," entitled "purgatories triumph over hell,", a
Halkett & Laing. Dict. of anon. & pseudo. English lit., 3rd ed., 1475-1640, 1980:
Instruction aux princes pour garder la foy promise.
Instruction to princes to keepe their faith and promise
letter to Mr. T. H. [Theophilus Higgons] late minister, A : now fugitive from Sir Edvvard Hoby Knight. In answere of his first Motive...
letter to mr. t[heophilus] h[iggons], late minister: now fugitive ... in answere of his first motive, a
overthrow of the protestants pulpet babels, the
politique discourses on trueth and lying
Politique discourses upon trueth and lying
Politique discourses vpon trueth and lying : an instruction to princes to keepe their faith and promise : containing the summe of Christian and morall philosophie, and the duetie of a good man in sundrie politique discourses vpon the trueth and lying
purgatories triumph over hell, maugre the barking of cerberus in syr edward hobyes "counter-snarle"
st. chrysostom
Theorica y pratica de guerra.
Theorique and practise of warre : written to Don Philip, Prince of Castil
Theoriqve and practise of warre