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B, C.
B, Cornelius Burges
Burges, C.
Burges, Cornelius
Burges, Cornelius (Dr)
Burgess, Cornelius
C. B, Cornelius Burges
ca 1589-1665
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Carruthers, S.W. (1866-1962)
Carruthers, Samuel William (1866-1962)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
baptismal regeneration of elect infants professed by the church of england, according to the scriptures, the primitive church, the present reformed churches, and many particular divines apart
case as lecturer in paul's
Case concerning the buying of bishops lands, with the lawfulness thereof and the difference between the contractors for sale of those lands and the corporation of vvells : ordered anno. 1650 to be reported to the then parliament, with the necessity thereof since fallen upon dr. burges
chain of graces drawn out at length for reformation of manners, a
Confession of faith of the assembly of divines at westminster : from the original manuscript written by cornelius burges in 1646
fire of the sanctuarie newly uncovered, or a compleat tract of zeal, the
First sermon preached to the honourable house of commons now assembled in parliament at their publique fast, novemb. 17, 1640
necessity of agreement with god; a sermon preached before the house of peers, 29 oct., being the monethly fast, the
new discovery of personal tithes; or the 10th part of men's cleere gaines proved due, a
no sacrilege ... cathedral lands as such
no sacrilege nor sinne to aliene or purchase the lands of bishops or others, whose offices are abolished
Presbyterians not guilty of the unjust charge of being concern'd in the murther of King Charles I ..., The : with a vindication of moderate churchmen and dissenters ...
prudent silence, a sermon in mercers-chappel to the lord mayor and the city, 14 jan. 1648, shewing the great sin and mischief of destroying kings
reasons showing the necessity of reformation of the public doctrine, worship, rites and ceremonies, church government, and discipline, &c., offered to parliament by divers ministers of sundry counties in england
sion college, what it is and doth. a vindication of that society against surges two pamphlets
some of the differences and alterations in the present common prayer-book from the book established by the act in the 5th and 6th of ed. vi and 1st of q. eliz.
Two sermons preached to the honourable House of Commons at two publike fasts, the one March 30, 1642, the other April 30, 1645 : the former opening the necessity and benefit of washing the heart : the later, discovering the vanity and mischief of an heart unwashed
Vindication of the ministers of the gospel in, and about london, from the unjust aspersions cast upon their former actings for the parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the king to capitall punishment with a short exhortation to their people to keep close to their covenant-ingagement
vindication of the nine reasons of the house of commons against the votes of bishops in parliament; or a reply to the answers made to the said reasons in defence of such votes, a