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Louis Stettner
Stettner, Louis
Stettner, Louis (American photographer, born 1922)
Stettner, Louis J.
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Bernheim, François
Brassaï (1899-1984)
Cavanna, François (1923-..)
Weegee, 1899 (1968)
10 photographs
35 mm photography, editor.
Anthology [portfolio de photographies]
Chile en el corazón
Cordonnier, Paris [photographie]
Early joys, c1987:
Early joys : photographs from 1947-1972
Espagne [photographie]
France, Aubervilliers [photographie]
France, Paris, avenue de Châtillon [photographie]
France, Paris, concierge [photographie]
France, Saint-Raphaël [photographie]
Girl Playing in Circles, Penn Station, New York [photographie]
Grèce, Appollona [photographie]
history of the nude in american photography
"l'objectivité nouvelle" à la "photographie subjective"., de
Louis Stettner, American photographer, Paris Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen, 11. Januar - 9. März 1997
louis stettner's new york, 1950s–1990s.
louis stettner: sophisme, photographies 1990–1999.
louis stettner: wisdom cries out in the streets.
Love poems for Janet [portfolio de photographies]
Lover Manhattan [photographie]
Man, Folded Hands, Subway Series, New York [photographie]
Mexique, Mexico [photographie]
New York, 1950s-1990s
New York [photographie]
Odd Man Out, Penn Station, New York [photographie]
On the Bowery, New York [Willy] [photographie]
Onadutch Ferry [photographie]
Paris [mère et enfant] [photographie]
paris-new york.
Pause rue Clausel, Paris [photographie], La
Promenade, Brooklyn, New York [photographie]
Provincetown [photographie]
[Recueil. Cartes postales. Louis Stettner]
[Recueil. Photographies originales. Oeuvre de Louis Stettner]
Seine [photographie], La
Six Lights, Penn Station, New York [photographie]
Sous le ciel de Paris
Soviet Union [photographie]
Sur le tas
Truck, Times Square, New York [photographie]
U. S. Camera's 35mm photography.
USA [lac de montagne] [photographie]
USA, New York, Orchard beach [photographie]
USA, New York, Times square [photographie]
USA, Sarratoga Springs [photographie]
weegee the famous
Wisdom cries out in the street
Wisdom cries out in the streets
Wisdow cries out in the streets [portfolio de photographies]
Woman in Fur Coat, Subway Series, New York [photographie]
Woman Wearing Glove, Penn Station, New York [photographie]
Women [photographie]
Women [portfolio de photographies]
Workers, Delaware, asembly line auto plant [photographie]
Workers, Delaware, attaching fender, auto plant [photographie]
Workers, Delaware, chassis worker, autoplant [photographie]
Workers, Delaware, putting on trim, auto plant [photographie]
Workers, Delaware, torch worker, auto plant [photographie]
Workers, France, Paris, usines Draeger [photographie]
Workers, Lille, Usine Camus, in factory for pre-fabricated cement homes [photographie]
Workers, Long Island City, assorting bingo sheets [photographie]
Workers, Long Island City, truck driver [photographie]
Workers, Long Island, in a furniture factory [photographie]
Workers, Manhattan, pneumatic drill operator [photographie]
Workers, Manhattan, tar worker for underground high power line [photographie]
Workers, New Jersey, garment worker [photographie]
Workers, New York City, cement mixer [photographie]
Workers, New York City, foundation, worker in construction [photographie]
Workers, New York City, welder [photographie]
Workers, New York, Manhattan, construction worker [photographie]
Workers, New York, Queens, operator of indelebile marker machine [photographie]
Workers [portfolio de photographies]
Workers, Power Plant [photographie]
Workers, Queens, during the lunch break [photographie]
Workers, Queens, electical worker [photographie]
Workers, Queens, worker in display factory [photographie]
Workers, Toni, construction worker [photographie]
workers: twenty-four photographs.