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A. Courage
Courage, Alexander
Courage Alexander M
Courage, Sandy
Voices - Unknown
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Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
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Dehner, John (1915-1992)
Goldsmith, Jerry (10.02.1929-21.07.2004)
McCarthy, Dennis
Milan, Lita (1933-..)
Newman, Paul (1925-2008)
Penn, Arthur (1922-2010)
Stevens, Leslie (1924-1998)
Vidal, Gore (1925-..)
Warner home video France
Williams, John (1932-)
Amok Time: Vulcan Fanfare
Amy's Farewell
Amy's Nightmare
angry god (6 min 58 s), An
Approach of Enterprise
arbitres du cosmos, Les
Attack at the Wall
Ba'Ku Village
Bail Out
Barrier, The
Battle in the mutara nebula (8 min 08 s)
best of Star Treck, The
best of Star Trek 30th anniversary special, The : original TV soundtracks.
best of Star Trek original TV soundtracks 30th anniversary special, The
Brief encounter
Broadway is my beat (Radio program)
Burned-Out Village, The
Captain Borg
Charlie X: Charlie's Friend
Chekov's run (1 min 20 s)
Clear All Moorings
Complete Star Trek suite, The
Constellation, The
Cour martiale
Court martial
Crash Site
Dark mirror
Day of the outlaw
Deck 15
Deep Jungle
derniers tyrans (50 min), Les
devil in the dark, The
Doomsday Machine: Condolences, The
Doomsday Machine: Goodbye Mr. Decker, The
Doomsday Machine: Kirk Does It Again, The
Doomsday Machine: One's Enough, The
Doomsday Machine: The New Commander, The
Doomsday Machine: What Is Doomsday Machine, The
Echec et diplomate
Empire strikes back, The
End Credits
End Titles
enemy within, The
enterprise (5 min 56 s), The
Enterprise B, The
Enterprise clears moorings (3 min 32 s)
Equipage en folie, L'
Errand of mercy
Fantasy for violin and orchestra on "Porgy and Bess"
Final frontiers
First knight original motion picture soundtrack
flim-flam man original motion picture soundtrack, The
Galaxy 239 (2 min 37 s)
Gates of Zinj
gaucher [Images animées], Le
Genesis countdown (6 min 36 s)
Genesis Destroyed
grössten TV-Hits aller Zeiten die besten Kultserien, Die
Han Solo and the princess (4 min 49 s)
Handle with care, c1958.
Haunting: A Place for Everything, The
Haunting: Curly Hair, The
Haunting: Finally Home, The
Haunting: Home Safe, The
Haunting: Return to the Carousel, The
Haunting: Terror in Bed, The
Haunting: The Curtains, The
Haunting: The Picture Album, The
Hippo Attack
Hollywood sound stage
Hollywood soundstage.
Home again (5 min 36 s)
Home Again: End Credits
Hospital chase (1 min 14 s)
Huns Attack, The
Ilia's theme (3 min 01 s)
Imposteur (50 min), L'
Judd, for the defense. Theme; arr. [from old catalog]
Jurassic Park
katra ritual (4 min 29 s), The
Kirk's Death
Klingon's Plan, The
left handed gun, The
Life is a dream (3 min 59 s)
Life Is a Dream (End Credits)
Love theme
loves you Porgy Porgy, I's your woman now (Bess, you is my woman), I ; from "Porgy and Bess"
Main Theme from Star Trek (original TV series)
Main Title and Closing Theme
Make It So: Star Trek Generations (instrumental club mix)
Make It So: Star Trek Generations (instrumental radio edit)
March of the villains (2 min 27 s)
Mars (8 min)
meld (3 min 15 s), The
Menagerie: Suite, The
menagerie, The : part I
menagerie, The : part II
mines de Horta, Les
Mountain (Main Title) (alternate), The
Movie, The
Mulan's Decision
My romance : from Jumbo : soprano solo
naked time, The
New Ending, A
No Customs
original Star Trek box, The
Paul Newman le gaucher
Picard's Plan
Princess Leia's theme (5 min 03 s)
Prologue and main title (6 min 27 s)
Return of the Jedi
Returning to vulcan (4 min 49 s)
Sci-fi's greatest hits
Search for Spock (8 min 32 s), The
Sign Off
Soundtrack from the motion picture Day of the outlaw.
Space movie themes
Space seed
Spock Endures Pon Farr
Star Trek commemorating Star Trek's 25th anniversary
Star trek Deep space nine, the Emissary music from the original television soundtrack
Star Trek (End Title)
Star Trek: First Contact Main Theme
Star Trek Generations Overture
Star Trek I: Original Theme
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Main Title
Star trek newly recorded music from selected episodes of the Paramount TV series Charlie X, The corbomite maneuver, Mudd's women, The doomsday machine
Star trek newly recorded music from selected episodes of the Paramount TV series Mirror, mirror, By any other name, The trouble with tribbles, the Empath
Star Trek: Original Series Main Title
Star trek the next generation Encounter at Farpoint
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Main Title
Star Trek, the next generation. music from the original television soundtrack : from the episodes Yesterday's Enterprise, Unification I & II, Hollow pursuits
Stealing the Enterprise
Suite (26 lmin 41 s)
Suite From "Mulan"
Superman IV : the quest for peace
Superman le face à face
Superman-Symphonic suite (12 min 17 s)
Superman theme (4 min 17 s)
taste of Armageddon, A
taste of armagedoon, A
Theme from Judd, for the defense, a Vanadas production, in association with 20th Century-Fox Television.
Theme from Star Trek
To Boldly Go
To Live Forever
tolle Mister Flim-Flam, Der
Two Captains
U.S.S. Hood
whaler (2 min 01 s), The
Without help (4 min 21 s)
world of Star trek, The
Wrath of Khan, The
Yoda's theme (4 min 08 s)
Your're only young once; background musical score of television photoplay.
Contributed to or performed: 
Hot Rod Rumble
Original Star Trek Box, The
Star Trek, Volume 1: The Cage
Star Trek, Volume 3: Shore Leave
Star Trek: The Cage
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 1: The Cage
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 2: Where No Man Has Gone Before
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 59: The Enterprise Incident
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 6: The Man Trap
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 67: Plato's Stepchildren
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 7: The Naked Time
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (disc 2)