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Charles Musselwhite
Charley Musselwhite
Charlie Musslewhite
Memphis Charlie
Musselwhite, Charles
Musselwhite, Charles Douglas
Musselwhite, Charley
Musselwhite, Charlie
Musselwhite, Memphis Charlie
Woodwinds - Other
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
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Baxter, Jeff 'Skunk' (co-performer)
Benoit, Tab
Bonds, Gary "U.S." (co-performer)
Charley Musselwhite Blues band (see also from)
Clapton, Eric (co-performer)
Clemons, Clarence (co-performer)
DeJohnette, Jack (co-performer)
Diddley, Bo (co-performer)
Faddis, Jon (co-performer)
Hammond, John (1942-)
Harper, Ben (1969-)
Hayes, Isaac (co-performer)
Hooker, John Lee (1917-2001)
John, Dr (co-performer)
King, B.B. (co-performer)
McDonnell, Tommy "Pipes" (co-performer)
Musselwhite, Charles
Naftalin, Mark (pianist.)
Neal, Kenny
Preston, Billy (co-performer)
Rawls, Lou (co-performer)
Redman, Joshua (co-performer)
Sanctuary Band Affiliation (see also from)
Shaffer, Paul (co-performer)
South Side Band (see also from)
Taylor, Koko (co-performer)
Taylor, Larry
The Louisiana Gator Boys (isMemberOf)
Tritt, Travis (co-performer)
Vanguard Records
Vaughan, Jimmie (co-performer)
Virgin France
Warner music France
Washington, Grover Jr (co-performer)
Weeks, Willie (co-performer)
Winwood, Steve (co-performer)
Zyx music GmbH
15 piano blues & boogie classics
2120 South Michigan Ave.
39th and Indiana (4 min 59 s)
4 P.M. (3 min 14 s)
Ace of hearts
All that matters now (4 min 53 s)
Baby, please don't go (2 min 20 s)
Baby will you please help me (3 min 19 s)
Bar room drinking (7 min 53 s)
Best of the Vanguard years
Big boss man (2 min 41 s)
Blood side out (2 min 51 s)
Blues blast
blues white album, The
Bo Diddley
Boom boom
Cha cha the blues (3 min 10 s)
Chicago bound
Chicken shack (4 min 16 s)
Christo Redemptor (3 min 20 s)
Continental drifter
cream, The
Curtain call
Debbie Davies' blues blast
Delta hardware
don't believe a word you say (3 min 16 s), I
Don't look twice (3 min 12 s)
Down in the bottom (3 min 03 s)
Early in the morning (4 min 34 s)
Fifteen piano blues & boogie woogie classics
Four P.M.
Gambling blues (3 min 11 s)
Get up ! (6 min 16 s)
Going back
harmonica according to Charlie Musselwhite, The
healer, The
Help me (3 min 29 s)
Hey hey (5 min 48 s)
Hi-heel sneakers
I'm in I'm out and I'm gone (4 min 37 s)
In my time
Ivar Avenue reunion
Judgment day (3 min 23 s)
Let it rock
Long distance call (3 min 19 s)
Mama talk to your daughter
Mark Naftalin's blue monday party
Mellow-dee [SR] p1986:
Memphis Charlie
My babe
My baby (2 min 42 s)
Natural born lover (3 min 34 s)
No more lonely nights (5 min 17 s)
O yea ! (3 min 34 s)
One night in America
One room country shack (4 min 51 s)
Piano blues & boogie woogie classics
Preachin' the blues the music of Mississippi Fred McDowell
Rambling blues (3 min 16 s)
ride at dawn (4 min 41 s), I
Rock steady (6 min 53 s)
Rough dried woman (4 min 30 s)
Rough news (6 min 49 s)
Sad day (5 min 01 s)
sat and cried, I
Seventh son
Shake your boogie
She got kick (2 min 56 s)
She's gone (5 min 47 s)
Sittin' here pickin' the blues
So many roads, so many trains (2 min 42 s)
Stingaree (2 min 55 s)
Strange land (2 min 59 s)
Sugar Mama (5 min 05 s)
Tennessee woman
Thirty-ninth and Indiana
Tupelo (6 min 27 s)
Twenty-one-twenty South Michigan Avenue
Two thousand one hundred and twenty South Michigan avenue
Two trains running
want you to love me (4 min 07 s), I
want you to roll me (3 min 34 s), I
We can't end this way (3 min 34 s)
well, The
Whiskey store
Who do you love (3 min)
Wicked grin
Willie Dixon's gone
You can't judge a book by the cover (3 min 30 s)
You found another lover I lost another friend (4 min 12 s)
You know it ain't right (4 min 22 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
Ace of Harps
Best of the Vanguard Years
Blues Never Die, The
Continental Drifter
Darkest Hour
Delta Hardware
Deluxe Edition
Harmonica According to Charlie Musselwhite, The
Harpin' on a Riff: The Best of Charlie Musselwhite
In My Time
Live 1986: Up and Down the Highway
Louisiana Fog
Mellow Dee
Memphis Charlie
Memphis, Tennessee
One Night in America
Rough News
Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite's Southside Band
Stone Blues
Takin' Care of Business
Tennessee Woman
Well, The
Where Have All the Good Times Gone?