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Seares, Frederick H.
Seares, Frederick Hanley
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Joyner, Mary C. (1889-)
Joyner, Mary Cross (1889-)
Rhijn, P. J. van (1886-)
Rhijn, Pieter Johannes (1886-)
Richmond, Myrtle L.
Richmond, Myrtle L. ([from old catalog])
Ross, Frank Elmore (1874- [from old catalog])
Russell, Henry Norris (1877-1957)
Shapley, Harlow (1885-1972)
Sitterly, Bancroft Walker (1895-)
Algol variable RR Draconis, The
Brief van Frederick Hanley Seares (1873-) aan Ejnar Hertzsprung (1873-1967)
Cape magnitudes and the international system, The
Color-indices in the cluster N.G.C. 1647
color of the nebulous stars, The
Comparison of the Harvard and Mount Wilson scales of photographic magnitude
concept of uniformity; growth and reactions, The
Counting the stars and some conclusions
determination of the galactic condensation from certain zones of the Astrographic catalogue, A
displacement-curve of the sun's general magnetic field, The
Effect of space absorption on the calculated distribution of stars
Exercises at the inauguration of Albert Ross Hill, LL. D., as president of the University.
Further evidence on the brightness of the stars of the north polar sequence
general magnetic field of the sun, The
J. C. Kapteyn
magnitude scale of the bright polar standards, The
Magnitudes and colors of stars north of +80°
Magnitudes of southern comparison stars for Eros
Magnitures and colors of stars north +80⁰
masses and densities of the stars, The
mean color-index of stars of different apparent magnitudes., The
Mean distribution of stars according to apparent magnitude and galactic latitude
Mount Wilson catalogue of photographic magnitudes in selected areas 1-139
Note on the distribution and number of nebulae
numerical method of determining the space density of stars. Note on changes in the luminosity function with distance from the sun., A
Photoelectric magnitudes and the international standards.
Photographic and photo-visual magnitudes of stars near the North pole. A comparison of the Harvard and Mount Wilson scales of photographic magnitude.
photographic magnitude scale of the north polar sequence, The
Photographic photometry with the 60-inch reflector of the Mount Wilson solar observatory.
Photometric investigations.
Polaris vertical circle method of determining time and azimuth, The
Potsdam scale of visual magnitudes, The
Practical astronomy for engineers [MI] 1909
Reduction of thirty-nine astrographic zones to the international photographic scale
Regression lines and the functional relation. II. Charlier's formulae for a moving cluster.
Remarks on the luminosity and density functions; the distribution function for stellar velocity; the form of the luminosity function
Revised standards of color index for polar stars.
Some comparisons of spectral classifications. Discussions of color index and spectral type. Effective wave lengths of standard magnitudes; color temperature and spectral type.
spiral of obscuration, The
sun's motion and the mean parallaxes of stars of different apparent magnitudes., The
surface brightness of the galactic system as seen from a distant external point and a comparison with spiral nebulae. Magnitudes of faint comparison stars for Nova Persei, no. 2, The
Systematic corrections to magnitudes and an extension of the polar sequence
Systematic corrections to photographic magnitudes of polar stars
Systematic deviations from the mean stellar distribution, 1928:
variation in light and color of RS Boötis, The