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Hosack, David
Hosack, David (Dr)
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Francis, John W. (1789-1861)
Francis, John Wakefield (1789-1861)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
New-York Historical Society
Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pearson, George (1751-1828. [from old catalog])
Raffeneau-Delile, Alire (1778-1850)
Rush, Benjamin (1746-1813)
Thomas, Robert (1753-1835)
Am. med. philos. regist.
American medical and philosophical register, The : or, Annals of medicine, natural history, agriculture and the arts.
Annals of medicine, natural history, agriculture and the arts
biographical memoir of Hugh Williamson ... Delivered on the first of November, 1819, at the request of the New-York historical society., A
biolgraphical memoir of Hugh Williamson ..., A
Case of aneurism of the femoral artery;
Catalogue of the entire medical library of the late Doctor David Hosack ...
Documents in the matter of an application to the honorable the Legislature of the State of New-York, for a charter for Manhattan College.
Dr. Hosack's address
enquiry into the causes of suspended animation from drowning with the means of restoring life., An
Essays on various subjects of medical science
Hortus Elginensis or a catalogue of plants cultivated in the Elgin botanic garden
inaugural address delivered before the Medial society of the county of New York, on the 12th day of July, 1824., An
inaugural address, delivered before the New-York historical society, on the second Tuesday of February, 1820., An
inaugural discourse, delivered at the opening of Rutgers Medical College, in the City of New-York, on Monday, the 6th day of November, 1826., An
inaugural discourse, delivered before the New York horticultural society at their anniversary meeting, on the 31st of August, 1824., An
introduction discourse, to a course of lectures on the theory and practice of physic [microform], An : containing observations on the inductive system of prosecuting medical inquiries ...
introductory lecture, delivered in the College of physicians and surgeons, at the opening of the winter session, on the 7th of November, 1825., An
introductory lecture on medical education, an
Lectures on animal life
Lectures on the theory and practice of physic, delivered in the College of physicians and surgeons of the University of the state of New York.
Lectures upon animal life
Memoir of De Witt Clinton: with an appendix, containing numerous documents, illustrative of the principal events of his life.
Observations on croup or hives: addressed in a letter to A. R. Delile ...
Observations on febrile contagion, and on the means of improving the medical police of the city of New-York.
Observations on the advantages of exposing wounds to the air after capital operations;
observations on the canada thistle
Observations on the establishment of the College of physician and surgeons in the city of New-York, and the late proceedings of the regents of the university, relative to that institution.
observations on the establishment of the college of physicians and surgeons in the city of new-york
observations on the laws governing the communication of contagious diseases: and the means of arresting their progress
Observations on the medical character.
Observations on the peripneumonia typhodes
Observations on the surgery of the ancients, vindicating their claims to many of the reputed discoveries and improvements of modern times.
Observations on the use of emetics in constipation of the bowels.
Observations on vision. By David Hosack, M.D. Communicated by George Pearson M.D.F.R.S. From the philosophical transactions.
oration, delivered before the American Philosophical Society, held in Philadelphia on the 27th of February, 1786, An : containing an enquiry into the influence of physical causes upon the moral faculty
Remarks on the treatment of the typhoid state of fever
Report on botany and vegetable physiology read at a meeting of the Historical Society, held at the New-York institution on the 8th day of April, 1817.
statement of facts relative to the establishment and progress of the Elgin botanic garden, and the subsequent disposal of the same to the state of New-York., A
Syllabus of the course of lectures, on botany, delivered in Columbia college
system of practical nosology: to which is prefixed, a synopsis of the systems of Sauvages, Linnaeus, Vogel, Sagar, Macbride, Cullen, Darwin, Crichton, Pinel, Parr, Swediaur and Young ..., A
Three lectures upon animal life, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania
treatise on domestic medicine, pointing out ... the nature, symptoms, causes, probable terminations and treatment of all diseases incident to men, women, and children in both cold and warm climates; as also, appropriate prescriptions in English ..., A
Tribute to the memory of the late Caspar Wistar, M.D. : professor of anatomy, &c. in the University of Pennsylvania, president of the American Philosophical Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge, &c.