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Chamberlin, Ralph V.
Chamberlin, Ralph Vary,
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American Museum of Natural History
Chamberlin, Ralph V. (1879-1967)
Chamberlin, Ralph Vary (1879-1967)
Cornell University
Gertsch, Willis John (1906- ))
Ivie, Wilton ([from old catalog])
Ivie, Wilton (1907-1969))
United States National Museum
University of Utah. Extension Division
Yale Peruvian Expedition 1911
Zoologisches Staatsinstitut und Zoologisches Museum
Agelenid spider of the genus Cicurina, 1940:
Agelenid spiders of the genus Cicurina
black widow spider and its varieties in the United States, The
centipeds of Central America., The
Checklist of the millipeds of North America
Chilopods in the collections of Field Museum of Natural History
Chilopods secured by the Royal Society Expedition to southern Chile in 1958-59.
Descriptions of new American and Chinese spiders
descriptive catalog of the Mollusca of Utah, A
Entomologische Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Staatsinstitut und Zoologischen Museum Hamburg
ethno-botany of the Gosiute Indians of Utah, The
exploration of the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871-1872, The : biographical sketches and original documents of the first Powell expedition of 1869 and the second Powell expedition of 1871-1872
genera and species of the Tridenchthoniidae (Dithidae) a family of the arachnid order Chelonethida, The
Henicops dolichopus, a new chilopod from Utah.
hundred new species of American spiders, A
kingdom of man., The
Life and philosophy of W. H. Chamberlin
Life in other worlds; a study in the history of opinion
Life sciences at the University of Utah; background and history.
List of the myriapod family Lithobudae of Salt Lake Co., Utah.
meaning of organic evolution, The
Memories of John Rockey Park
millipeds of Central America., The
Miscellaneous new American spiders
New American millipeds
New American tarantulas of the family Aviculariidae
New chilopods from Mexico and the West Indies.
New genera and species of American lithobiid centipeds
New genera and species of North American linyphiid spiders
New genera and species of North American Paraiulidae
new genus in the family Algelenidae, A
new genus of theridiid spiders in which the male develops only one palpus, A
new geophiloid chilopod from Potter Creek Cave, California, A
New southern millipeds
New spiders from Mexico and Panama
New tarantulas from the southwestern states
New western millipeds
North American spiders of the family Lycosidae, The
North American spiders of the genera Cybaeus and Cybaeina
Notes on West Indian millipeds.
On a collection of chilopods from the East Indies
On a collection of millipedes and centipedes from Northeastern Peru
On a diplopod collection from Barro Colorado island, Panama
On centipeds and millipeds from Mexican caves
On Mexican centipeds
On Mexican millipeds
On several new American spiders
On some diplopods of the family Fontariidae
On some genera and species of American millipeds
On some new myriopods collected in India in 1916 by C. A. Kofoid.
Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918.
Reports of the Lund University Chile expedition 1948-'49
Results of the Yale Peruvian expedition of 1911. The Arachnida.
Revision of North American spiders of the family Lycosidæ ...
Some erigonid spiders of the genera Eulaira and Diplocentria
South American Arachnida, chiefly from the guano islands of Peru
spider family Dictynidae in America north of Mexico, The
Spiders collected by L. W. Saylor and others, mostly in California
spiders of Alaska, The
Spiders of the Georgia region of North America
Spiders of the Raft river mountains of Utah
Two genera of trap-door spiders from California
University of Utah, a history of its first hundred years, 1850 to 1950., The
Printed thesis issued under title: Revision of North American spiders of the family Lycosidae. (Philadelphia, 1908)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University, 1905