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Bromfeild, Gulielmus
Bromfeild, M.
Bromfeild, W.
Bromfeild, William
Bromfield, William
Bromfield, William ((surgeon))
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Bonducci, Andrea (1715-1766; imprimeur-libraire))
Bromfeild, Le fils
Cadell, Thomas (1742-1802))
Cocchi, Antonio (1695-1758))
Le Prieur, Pierre-Alexandre (1722-179.?))
Mayne, Jasper (1604-1672)
Reich, Philipp Erasmus (1717-1787)
Weidmann, Moritz Georg II (héritiers)
Woodfall, George (1767-1844))
Account of the English nightshades.
Chirurgical observations and cases
Chirurgische Wahrnehmungen. -
faith of the true Christian, and the primitive quakers faith Or, Religion according to found reason, and agreeable with holy writ, and such as every man may come to experience in himself, conformable to the new covenant brought and taught by Jesus Christ, without the help of men made priests, who by all their learning know not God nor his Christ, but exclaim against the truth, and call that error, and error truth, Isa. 54. 13. Jer. 31. 34. Jo. 6. 46. Heb. 8. 10. 1 Jo. 2. 20, 27. Who not having the key of David, Jesus Christ in them, are ignorant of the language of God and his Christ, Job 12. 14. Isa. 22. 22. Rev. 3. 7. Ch. 11. 15. 12. 10. Ch. 20. 6. Luk. 9. 20. With some justice done to the apostate and hypocritical quakers, who have turned the grace of God into wantonnels; and instead of a grave, sober, and wise people, are become vain in their conversations, and habits, and bullies, and gamesters of the town: being a rod for the fool's back, but a praise to them that do well., The
hist. of Eng. drama, 1952:, A
narrative of certain particular facts which have been misrepresented, relative to the conduct of Mr. Bromfeild [sic] toward Mr. Aylett, a surgeon and apothecary of Windsor, during their attendance on Mr. Benwell at Eton. ... By William Bromfeild, .., A
Observations sur les vertus des differentes especes de solanum, qui croissent en Angleterre, avec des remarques sur l'usage de la salsepareille, du mercure & de ses preparations. Par M. Bromfeild père ... Ouvrage traduit de l'anglois, par M. Bromfeild le fils ....
schemers or, the city-match. A comedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane, The
Syllabus anatomicus generalem humani corporis partium ideam comprehendens; quarum singula praelectionibus annuatim habendis dilucide exponenda. Adjicitur Syllabus chirurgicus praecipuas chirurgiae operationes complectens ...
Thoughts arising from experience, concerning the present peculiar method of treating persons inoculated for the smallpox.
transactions of the royal society
usu artis anatomicae oratio Antonii Cocchii... editio secunda cui accedunt observationes ad lithotomiam attinentes aliaque chirurgiae monumenta auctore... Gulielmo Bromfeild in Aula Potentissimi Anglorum Regis Chirurgo Celeberrimo., De