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Apthorp Gould, Benjamin
Gould, B. A.
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp (Jr)
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Bache, Alexander Dallas (1806-1867))
Dudley Observatory
Everett, Edward (1794-1865)
Hunt, Washington (1811-1867)
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
Street, Alfred Billings (1811?-1881)
United States Sanitary Commission. Statistical Bureau
United States. Coast and geodetic survey
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
account of the observatory at Pulkowa, An
Address in commemoration of alexander dallas bache delivered august 6, 1868, before the american association for the advancement of science
Address on the metric system of weights and measures.
American University, an oration before the Connecticut "beta" of the "Phi beta kappa" fraternity at Trinity college, Hartford, 1856, July 15, by Benjamin Apthorp Gould,..., An
Biographical notice of James Melville Gilliss
Boston harbour; a series of communications to the Boston daily advertiser
Defence of dr. Gould
Family of zaccheus gould of topsfield
Inauguration of the Dudley observatory, at Albany, August 28, 1856.
Investigations in the military and anthropological statistics of American soldiers
Observations of the solar eclipse of July 18, 1860, made at Cambridge, Massachusetts
Observations to determine the solar parallax.
Observatorio astronómico y oficina meteorológica de la República Argentina informes presentados al ministerio de instruccion publica
On the velocity of the Galvanic current in Telegraph wires
Reduction of photographic observations of the Præsepe
Reduction of the observations of fixed stars made by Joseph Lepaute d'Agelet, at Paris, in 1783-1785, with a catalogue of the corresponding mean places, referred to the equinox of 1800.0
Report on the history of the discovery of Neptune.
Resultados del observatorio nacional argentino en Córdoba
Review of Herschel's Outlines of astronomy. From the "Christian examiner" for September 1849. [Signé : B. A. G. (Gould.)]
Specimens of the garbling of letters by the majority of the trustees of the Dudley observatory
Standard mean places of circumpolar and time stars, prepared for the use of the U.S. Coast survey
Transatlantic longitude, as determined by the coast survey expedition in 1866 a report to the superintendent of the u.s. coast survey
U.S. Sanitary commission Statistical Bureau Ages of U.S. Volunteer Soldiery
Untersuchungen über die gegenseitige Lage der Bahnen der zwischen Mars und Jupiter sich bewegenden Planeten, von Benjamin Apthorp Gould
Uranometría argentina : mapas.
War thoughts of an optimist; a collection of timely articles by an American citizen residing in Canada