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O, W.
O, William Oughtred
Oughtred, Guilelmus
Oughtred, Gulielmus Aetonensis
Oughtred, W.
Oughtred, William
Oughtred, William (Mr)
Oughtredus, Guilelmus
Oughtredus, Gulielmus
Ougthredus, Guilelmus
W. O
W. O, William Oughtred
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Language material
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Leurechon, Jean (1591-1670)
McManus-Young Collection (Library of Congress)
Moore, Jonas Sir, 1617-1679
Mydorge, Claude (1585-1647)
Sheldonian Theatre (Oxford)
Smith, John (1648?-)
Wallis, John (1616-1703)
Aetonensis, clavis mathematicae denuo limata sive Potius fabricata
Arithmeticae in numeris et speciebus institutio quae tum logisticae, tum analyticae, atque adeo totius, mathematicae, quasi clavis est...
Canones sinuum, tangentium, secantium: et logarithmorum pro sinubus et tangentibus
circles of proportion and the horizontal instrument
circles of proportion and the horizontall instrument. Both invented and the uses of both written in latine by Mr. W. O., The
Clavis mathematica. -
Clavis mathematicae.
Collection of sundrie problems extracted out of the ancient and moderne philosophers
description and use of the double horizontall dyall, The : whereby not onely the hower of the day is shewne, but also the meridian line is found, and most astronomical questions, which may be done by the globe, are resolved
description and use of the dovble horizontall dyall., The
Elementi decimi Euclidis declaratio, nec non de solidis regularibus tractatus
Guilelmi Oughtred...
Horologiarum sciotericorum in plano geometricae solum delineandorum, modus facillimus ...
Horological dialogues. In three parts.
Mathematical recreations, or, A collection of many problems extracted out of the ancient and modern philosophers, as secrets and experiments in arithmetick, geometry, cosmography, horologiography, astronomy, navigation, musick, opticks, architecture, statick, mechanicks, chymistry, water-works, fire-works, &c. ...
Mathematical recreations, or A collection of sundrie excellent problems out of ancient & moderne phylosophers both usefull and recreatiue.
Mathematicall recreations, or, A collection of sundrie problemes extracted out of the ancient and moderne philosophers, as secrets in nature and experiments in arithmeticke, geometrie, cosmographie, horologographie, astronomie, navigation, musicke, opticks, architecture, staticke, machanicks, chimestrie, waterworkes, fireworks, &c. ...
Moor's Arithmetick. In tvvo books.
Moore's Arithmetick: in four books.
Opuscula mathematica hactenus inedita. -
Oughtredus explicatus, sive, Commentarius ... 1682:
Récréation mathématique.
symbols, impossible numbers, and geometric entanglements: british algebra through the commentaries on newton's universal arithmetick
Theorematum in libris Archimedis de sphaera et cylindro declaratio
Trigonometria, hoc est, Modus computandi triangulorum latera et angulos, ex canone mathematico traditus et demonstratus : una cum tabulis sinuum, tangentgentium et secantium ...