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Whitehead, J. B.
Whitehead, John B.
Whitehead, John Boswell
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Chapman, J. J.
Kang, Bun Po (1904- [from old catalog])
Kopper, John Matthias (1912- [from old catalog])
MacWilliams, Walter Hixon (1916- [from old catalog])
Marvin, Richard Hale (1879-)
Mauritz, Frank Edward (1912- [from old catalog])
Meyer, Charles F. (b. 1887.)
Meyer, Charles Ferdinand (b. 1887.)
Rueggeberg, Werner (1919-)
Shaw, Morton Russell (1915- [from old catalog])
Shevki, Salim Hässin (1906-)
Anomalous conduction as a cause of dielectric absorption
conductivity of insulating oils under alternating stress, The
D. C.-A. C. correlation in dielectrics
D-c cleanup in insulating oils
detection of initial failure in high-voltage insulation, The
Dielectric behavior of paper
Dielectric properties of resin-oil mixtures, The : the Johns Hopkins University...
dielectric properties of some thermosetting materials under rising temperature., The
effect of frequency upon the corona ..., The
electric strength of air at atmosphere pressure under alternating and continous potentials ..., The
electric strength of oil-impregnated paper, The
Electricity and magnetism; an introduction to the mathematical theory
Europe learns about Africa.
Impregnated paper insulation; the inherent electrical properties
influence of residual air on the life of impregnated paper insulation, 1931:, The
Lectures on dielectric theory and insulation
magnetic effect of electric displacement ..., The
Oil oxidation in impregnated paper
On the vibration of telephone diaphragms ...
Oxidation in insulating oil
Temperature and electric stress in impregnated-paper insulation