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Åström, Paul
Åström, Paul Fredrik Karl
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Gierow, Pär Göran
Gullberg, Elsa (1886-1984))
International Congress on Cypriote Archaology (22/24-08-1991 : Göteborg)
Kungl. Vitterhets, historie och antikvitets akademien
Kungliga vitterhets historie och antikvitets akademien Suède
Linders, Tullia
Nys, Karin
Sjöquist, Karl-Erik
Strandberg Olofsson, Margareta (1943- ))
Swedish Cyprus Expedition. [Lund, Suède.]
Union académique internationale
University of Lund
Verdelis, N.M.
Acta Cypria acts of an international congress on Cypriote archaeology held in Göteborg on 22-24 August 1991
Acta instituti Romani regni Sueciae. Series altera in 8
Aegyptiaca at Hala Sultan Tekke
Arkeologiskt detektivarbete
Brev från Gunnar Ekelöf
Briefe an Ernst Norlind
Cape Kiti survey, The : an underwater archaeological survey
century of international Cyprological research, A
chronology of base-ring ware and bichrome wheel-made ware, 2001:, The
Civilisations anciennes du Bassin méditerranéen...
coins of Calatia, The
collection of Cypriote antiquities in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, The
Contributions to the archaeology and history of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Eastern Mediterranean : studies in honour of Paul Åström
Corpus of Cypriot artefacts of the Early Bronze Age. Part 4, c2012:
corpus of Cypriote antiquities, The
Corpus vasorum antiquorum
Crisis years, The : the 12th century B.C. : from beyond the Danube to the Tigris
cuirass tomb and other finds at Dendra, The
Cyclades, Chypre, Malte, la Syrie ancienne , par J. [Jürgen] Thimme, P. Aström, G. Lilliu, J. Wiesner, Les
Cypern, motsättningarnas ö : cypriska fornfynd från Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm samt ur de arrangerande institutionernas samlingar
Cypriote antiquities in public collections in Denmark
Cypriote antiquities in public collections in Sweden : Malmö, Lund and Göteborg
Cypriote collection of the Museum of art and archaeology, University of Missouri-Columbia, The
Early and middle bronze age pottery of the Cesnola collection in the Stanford university museum by Paola Villa, with a foreword by paul Aström
Early relations between the East Mediterranean and Italy
Excavations : 1897-1971
Excavations 1972
Excavations at Kalopsidha and Ayios Iakovos in Cyprus, by Paul Åström, with contributions by several scholars
Festschrift Buchholz
Fingerprints and archaeology
Fingerprints and archeology
Fragment av tid och rum : antiken i konstnärligt ljus
Gunnar Ekelöf och antiken
Gunnar Ekelöf och Gottfrid Walldén : en brevväxling
Hala Sultan Tekke 12 Tomb 24, Stone Anchors, Faunal Remains and Pottery Provenance
High, middle or low ? acts of an international colloquium on absolute chronology held at the University of Gothenburg 20th-22nd august 1987
Hippokrates och vår tids sjukvård
Horizons and styles studies in early art and archaeology in honour of Professor Homer L. Thomas
Iter populo debetur ped. tot
Jeno Platthy and antiquity : an anthology
Kairos : studies in art history and literature in honour of Professor Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen
Katydhata a Bronze Age site in Cyprus
Knossos keepers and kneaders
Late Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus function and relationship
Late Cypriote bronze age: architecture and pottery, The
Late Cypriote bronze age, other arts and crafts, The
Lund, Fasc. 1, Museum of classical antiquities
Middle Cypriote Bronze Age, 1957:, The
Middle Cypriote Bronze Age, The : inaugural diss... for the degree of Doct. of Philosophy
Missouri. University. Museum of Art and Archaeology.
Mycenaean pottery
new ware, A : light-and-red-on-black ware
Opuscula archaeologica
Opuscula romana
Oscar Montelius 150 years : proceedings of a colloquium held in the Royal Academy of Letters History and Antiquities, Stockholm, 13 May 1993
Oscar Montelius, one hundred fifty years
Östen Sjöstrand och antiken
Pera bronzes, The
Periplus Festschrift für Hans-Günter Buchholz zu seinem achtzigsten Geburtstag am 24. Dezember 1999
Public collections, Göteborg
Pylos palmprints and palmleaves
Rainer Maria Rilke : Briefe an Ernst Norlind
Recent excavations at Phaistos, by Doro Levi. ["I Recenti scavi di Festos". Translated by Paul Åström and Jean Porter.], The
Resedagbok i Grekland från Hitlers Berlin till Appolons olympia
Roman amphora stamps and a graffito in the National Museum, Copenhagen
Skriffter utgivna av Svenska institutet i Rom. Series in 8
Skrifter utgivna av Svenska institutet i Rom. Series in 4°
Studies im Aegean chronology
Studies in Aegean chronology
Studies in Mediterranean archaeology and literature
Studies in Mediterranean archaeology, fifty years on, c2012:
Studies in Mediterranean archaeology. Pocket-book
Swedish Cyprus expedition, The
Swedish excavations at Sinda, Cyprus excavations conducted by Arne Furumark 1947-1978
Thread of Ariadne, a study of ancient Greek dress, by Elsa Gullberg and Paul Åström, The
thread of Ariadne, The : a study of ancient Greek dress
Trenches 1972-1987 with an index for volumes 1-9
Trial trenches at Dromolaxia-Vyzakia adjacent to areas 6 and 8
Un'urna etrusca con iscrizione dipinta e con scena in rilievo raffigurante la lotta tra Eteocle e Polinice
wells, The
Who's who in Cypriote archaeology, biographical and bibliographical notes compiled by Paul Åström
Includes indexes
Thesis--University of Lund