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Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Samuel ((American educator))
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)
Schneider, Carol
Schneider, Carol Catherine
Schneider, Herbert Wallace (1892-1984)
Shippey, Josiah (1778. [from old catalog]-)
Thomas Waterman Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Toner Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Wollaston, William (1660-1724)
american sermons: the pilgrims to martin luther king, jr., the library of america
and Ethica, or things relating to the moral behavior containing chiefly, Noetica, or things relating to the mind or understanding
candid examination of Dr. Mayhew's Observations on the charter and conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, A : interspers'd with a few brief reflections upon some other of the doctor's writings : to which is added, A letter to a friend, containing a short vindication of the said society, against the mistakes and misrepresentations of the doctor in his observations on the conduct of that society
career and writings
Christian indeed explained, in two sermons, of humility and charity. Preached at New-Haven, June 28, 1767., The : And published at the desire of some that heard them.
continuation of the Calm and dispassionate vindication of the professors of the Church of England, against the abusive misrepresentations and sallacious [sic] arguments of Mr. Noah Hobart, in his second address to them. Humbly offered to the consideration of the good people of New-England., A
demonstration of the reasonableness, usefulness, and great duty of prayer. [Eleven lines of quotations], A
Elementa philosophica : containing chiefly, Noetica, or things relating to the mind or understanding, and Ethica, or things relating to the moral behavior
Elementa philosophica : containing chiefly, Noetica, or things relating to the mind or understanding and Ethica, or things relating to the moral behaviour.
elements of philosophy: containing, i. the most useful parts of logic, including both metaphysics and dialectic, or the art of reasoning: with a brief account of the progress of the mind towards its highest perfection., the
encyclopedia of philosophy
English and Hebrew grammar, being the first short rudiments of those two languages, taught together To which is added, a synopsis of all the parts of learning. The second edition, Corrected and much amended by Samuel Johnson, D.D. late president of King's-College, in New-York; now rector of Christ's Church, at Stratford, New-England, and missionary from the society., An
Ethica, or, The first principles of moral philosophy
ethices elementa. or the first principles of moral philosophy. and especially that part of it which is called ethics. in a chain of necessary consequences from certain facts
introduction to the study of philosophy exhibiting a general view of all the arts and sciences, for the use of pupils. with a catalogue of some of the most valuable authors necessary to be read in order to instruct them in a thorough knowledge of each of them., an
letter from aristocles to authades, concerning the sovereignty and the promises of god, a
letter to mr. jonathan dickinson, in defence of aristocles to authades, concerning the sovereignty & promises of god., a
life and correspondence of samuel johnson d.d. : missionary of the church of england in connecticut, and first president of king's college, new york
miscellaneous notes
Mr. Leaming's sermon, preached at the funeral of the Reverend Doct. Johnson
Noetica, or, The first principles of human knowledge
or the genius of the english america, reflections on old age and death
raphael, or the genius of the english america
republick of letters, the
revised encyclopedia of philosophy (1716).
revised encyclopedia, the
Samuel Johnson, president of King's College, his career and writings.
second letter from a minister of the Church of England to his dissenting parishioners, A : in answer to some remarks made on the former by one J.G.
sermon concerning the intellectual world, a
sermon concerning the obligations we are under to love and delight in the public worship of God. Preached in Christ's-Church at Stratford, an occasion of the opening of that church, July the 8th 1744., A : With prayers proper both for the family and closet.
sermon on the beauty of holiness, in the worship of the church of england., a
short catechism for young children, proper to be taught them before they learn the assembly's, or after they have learned the church catechism, a
Some historical remarks concerning the Collegiate School of Connecticut in New Haven, now Yale-College, written in part Nov. 20, 1717
Specimens; or Leisure hours poetically employed on various subjects; moral, political & religious ...
synopsis philosophiae
third letter from a minister of the Church of England to the dissenters, A : containing some observations on Mr. J. G.'s remarks on the second.
three letters from a minister of the church of england to his dissenting parishioners
true Christian's support under affliction, The : a sermon preached at Christ's-Church, in Stratford, in Connecticut, January the 9th, 1772, at the funeral, of the Reverend Samuel Johnson ...