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Sharmat, M. Weinman
Sharmaṭ, Marg'ori Ṿainman
Sharmat, Marjorie
Sharmat, Marjorie W.
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman
Weinman Sharmat, Marjorie
שרמט, מרג׳ורי ויינמן
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Language material
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Andrews, Wendy (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Andrews, Wendy (see also from)
Brunkus, Denise
Hoban, Lillian
Kersten, Detlef (1948-)
Rigie, Mitchell
Sharmat, Craig
Sharmat, Mitchell
Shecter, Ben
Simont, Marc
Singer, Theresia
Weston, Martha
Wiberg, Carla
Zúñiga, Adriana
329th friend, The
best valentine in the world, The
Chasing after Annie
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don't care, I
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Griselda's New Year
He noticed I'm alive-- and other hopeful signs : a novel
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How to meet a gorgeous guy : a novel
Hungry book club
I'm going to get your boyfriend
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I'm Santa Claus and I'm famous
I'm terrific
I'm the best!
Lucretia the unbearable
Maggie Marmelstein for president
Mitchell is moving
Mooch the messy meets Prudence the neat
Morris Brookside, a dog.
Morris Brookside is missing.
My mother never listens to me
Mysteriously yours, Maggie Marmelstein
Nate the Great and me : the case of the fleeing fang
Nate the Great and the big sniff
Nate the Great and the boring beach bag
Nate the Great and the crunchy Christmas
Nate the Great and the fishy prize
Nate the Great and the Halloween hunt
Nate the Great and the hungry book club
Nate the Great and the lost list
Nate the Great and the missing key
Nate the Great and the monster mess
Nate the Great and the mushy valentine
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Nate the Great and the phony clue
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Nate the Great on the Owl Express
Nate the Great, San Francisco detective
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Nate the Great stalks Stupidweed
Nate the Great talks turkey : with help from Olivia Sharp
Nick Nase auf der falschen Fährte
Nick Nase auf der Saurierspur
Nick Nase, der große Detektiv
Nick Nase steigt auf einen Berg
Nick Nase stellt eine Falle
Nick Nase und das Rätsel am Strand [mit spannendem Leserätsel]
Nick Nase und der Fall der roten Herzen
Nick Nase und der große Preis
Nick Nase und der verschwundene Schlüssel
Nick Nase und der verschwundene Zettel
Nick Nase und die Geister
Nick Nase und die Spur im Schnee
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Norbert zieht um
Octavia told me a secret
Olivia Sharp: The green toenails gang
Olivia Sharp : the pizza monster
Olivia Sharp : the princess of the Fillmore Street school
One terrific Thanksgiving
pizza monster., The
Princess of the Fillmore Street school
Rich Mitch
Rollo and Juliet, forever!
Sasha the silly
saw him first, I
Say hello, Vanessa
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Sophie and Gussie
Square pegs
story of Bentley Beaver, The
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Tiffany Dino works out
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Two ghosts on a bench
Two guys noticed me-- and other miracles : a novel
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