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Garfield, Henry
Rollins, Henry
Voices – Unspecified (IPDA: Vocal)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
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Biscuits, Chuck (co-performer)
Black flag
Black Flag (isMemberOf)
Black flag (see also from)
Black sabbath
Blake, Marcus (co-performer)
Cadena, Dez (co-performer)
Cain, Sim (co-performer)
Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
Crooks, Kamila (1976-)
Dukowski, Chuck (co-performer)
Galecki, Johnny
Gibbs, Melvin (co-performer)
Ginn, Greg (co-performer)
Hampton, Michael (co-performer)
Haskett, Chris (co-performer)
Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters (isMemberOf)
Jensen, Johnny E.
Levin, Dan
Mackenroth, Jason (co-performer)
Mader (Grupo musical)
McCormick, Kathy
McGillis, Kelly (1957-)
Pillsbury, Sam (1946-)
ROBO (co-performer)
Roessler, Kira (co-performer)
Rollins band
Rollins Band (isMemberOf)
Rollins Band (see also from)
Septien, Al (1966-)
Spot (co-performer)
State of Alert (isMemberOf)
Stevenson, Bill (co-performer)
Wartime (isMemberOf)
Weiss, Andrew (co-performer)
Wilson, Jim (co-performer)
Any colour you like (2 min 43 s)
Art to choke hearts : selected writing 1986
Big ugly mouth spoken word live 1987-1988
Black coffee blues, pt. 3
Black sabbath Paranoid
Blues černýho kafe, část druhá
boxed life, The
Brain damage (4 min 43 s)
Broken summers
Camino sangriento : dead end
chase, The
Commando : autobiografía de Johnny Ramone
Con la poli en los talones
dark side of the moon. Warner Bros 523541-1, The
darkside of the moon, The
Détour mortel 2
Devil's tomb
Dict. du rock
Do I come here often
Eclipse (2 min 12 s)
everything (book)|everything
everything (book)|eye scream
Eye scream
Fanatic! : [song lists and notes from the Harmony in my head radio show]
first five, The : collected work, 1983-1987
get in the van: on the road with black flag
God bless Ozzy Osbourne
Goodbye lament... [etc.]
great gig in the sky (3 min 58 s), The
Hard art : DC 1979
Henry Rollins in Eric the pilot
High adventure in the great outdoors
Hot animal machine plus
Human butt Spoken word live 1988-1989
Laughing man
Life time
Live at the Westbeth Theater
Lonesome, on'ry, and mean a tribute to Waylon Jennings.
Mace Griffin bounty hunter
Metal head
Money (5 min 32 s)
Morgan's ferry
Nejsem tu moc často? : blues černýho kafe, část druhá
new, the classic & the unexplored, The
Nights behind the tree line
Now watch him die
Occupants : photographs and writings
On the road with Black Flag.
On the run (3 min 55 s)
One from none, c1991
One from none : collected work, 1987
Pissing in the gene pool
portable Henry Rollins, The
preferred blur, A : (reflections, inspections, and travel in all directions 2007)
Pump up the volume music from the original motion picture soundtrack
Punk attitude [Images animées]
Rise above
rollins in the wry, A
Rollins the boxed life ; talking record
See a grown man cry : collected work, 1988-1991
See a grown man cry ; Now watch him die
Shock & Awe: the tour
Smile, you're traveling : black coffee blues, pt. 3
Spawn - The album
Speak to me-Breathe (5 min 19 s)
Spoken word guy
Spoken word live 1987-1988
Sweatbox spoken word live 1987-1988
T-4 Strain
Talk is cheap.
Think tank
Tribute to Waylon Jennings
Unwelcomed songs
Us and them (7 min 46 s)
world war z
Wrong turn 2
Contributed to or performed: 
1984-08-26: Live at the Stone: San Francisco, CA, USA
1986-06-28: Detroit, MI, USA
1992-04-17: Detroit, MI, USA
Alien Blueprint
Being Obscene
Big Ugly Mouth
Black Coffee Blues
Boxed Life, The
Clockwork Orange Stage, A
Come In and Burn
Come in and Burn Sessions
Complete 1982 Demos (Plus More!), The
Dark Side of the Moon, The
Do It
Drive By Shooting
Electro Convulsive Therapy
End of Silence Demos
End of Silence, The
End of Something, The
Eric The Pilot
Everything Went Black
Excerpts from Think Tank
Family Man
First Four Years, The
Get in the Van (On the Road With Black Flag)
Get Some Go Again
Get Some Go Again Sessions
Hard Volume
Hot Animal Machine
Hot Animal Machine... Plus
Human Butt
In Conversation
In My Head
Insert Band Here (Live in Australia 1990)
Let There Be Rock
Life Time
Live at Luna Park
Live at McCabe's
Live at the Westbeth Theater
Live in London
Loose Nut
Louie Louie
My War
Nervous Breakdown
Nicer Shade of Red, A
Nights Behind The Tree Line
No Policy EP
Only Way to Know for Sure (disc 1), The
Process of Weeding Out, The
Rollins in the Wry, A
Rollins Speaks
Shock & Awe
Short Walk on a Long Pier
Six Pack
Slip It In
Spoken Word Guy
Spoken Word Guy 2
Spray Paint the Walls
Talk is Cheap, Volume 1
Talk is Cheap, Volume 2
Talk is Cheap, Volume 3
Talk is Cheap, Volume 4
Talking From the Box
Think Tank
Turned On
TV Party
Who's Got the 10½?
Yellow Blues