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Author of The countermine
Countermine, Author of the
D. P
Jesuit at Paris
Nalson, J.
Nalson, John
One who does passionately wish the prosperity of the church, his king and country
P, D.
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Charles I, King of England (1600-1649)
England and Wales. High Court of Justice for the Trying and Judging of Charles Stuart, King of England
Phelps, John (active 1636-1666.)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Settle, Elkanah (1648-1724)
Stratford, William (1672?-1729)
Ward, Richard
Ware, Robert (d. 1696. [from old catalog])
Animadversions upon a paper, entituled, The speech of the late Lord Russel, &c.
Character of a rebellion, and what england may expect from one, or, the designs of dissenters examined by reason, experience, and the laws and statutes of the realm
Common interest of king and people shewing the original, antiquity and excellency of monarchy, compared with aristocracy and democracy, and particularly of our english monarchy, and that absolute, papal and presbyterian popular supremacy are utterly inconsistent with prerogative, property and liberty
Countermine, or, a short but true discovery of the dangerous principles and secret practices of the dissenting party, especially the presbyterians shewing that religion is pretended but rebellion is intended : and in order thereto, the foundation of monarchy in the state and episcopacy in the church are undermined
desiderata curiosa
Foxes and firebrands, or, A specimen of the danger and harmony of popery and separation wherein is proved from undeniable matter of fact and reason that separation from the Church of England is, in the judgment of papists, and by sad experience, found the most compendious way to introduce popery and to ruine the Protestant religion
history of the puritans
Impartial collection of the great affairs of state from the beginning of the scotch rebellion in the year mdcxxxix to the murther of king charles i wherein the first occasions and the whole series of the late troubles in england, scotland, & ireland are faithfully represented
The manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Portland, preserved at Welbeck abbey ..., ...
Toleration and liberty of conscience considered and proved impracticable, impossible, and, even in the opinion of dissenters, sinful and unlawful.
True copy of the journal of the high court of justice for the tryal of k. charles i as it was read in the house of commons and attested under the hand of phelps, clerk to that infamous court