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Harris, Walter
Harris, Walter ((historian))
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Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Smith, Charles (1715?-1762)
Ware, James (1594-1666)
, afterwards enlarged and published in 1775 under the title
Ancient and present state of the county of Down, The
antient and present state of the county of Down. Containing a chorographical description, with the natural and civil history of the same. Illustrated by observations made on the baronies, parishes, towns, villages ... &. with a survey of the new canal ..., The
dictionary of irish artists'/refin 1752 in a book published in dublin he bitterly attacked a book by [[john curry (historian)|john curry]] published in london in 1747, a, a
Hibernica: or, A collection of curious particulars Relative to the ancient history and antiquities of Ireland. Now first published from the original manuscripts. With a particular description of the great River Kenmare, in the county of Kerry. By a member of the Antiquarian Society.
Hibernica, or, Some antient pieces relating to Ireland, 1747:
Hibernica: or, Some antient pieces relating to Ireland vever hitherto publick (No. VI. execpted.) containing, I. The history of Ireland by Maurice Regan, servant and interpreter to Dermod Mac-Murrough, King of Leinster, translated from the Irish into French, and from thence into English by Sir George Carew. Lord President of Munster. To which are added notes to illustrate some dark passages therein. p. 1. II. The story of King Richard II. his last being in Ireland, written by a French gentleman, who accompanied the King in that voyage, to his leaving Ireland in 1399; and translated into English by the said Sir George Carew. p. 23. III. The voyage of Sir Richard Edgecombe, sent by King Henry VII. into Ireland in 1488 to take new oaths of allegiance from the nobility and others, who had declared for (the then Pretender) Lambert Simnell. p. 29. IV. A breviate of the getting of Ireland, and of the decaie of the same, written by Partrcik Finglass, first Chief Baron, and afterwards Chief Justice of Ireland in the reign of King Henry VII. p. 39. V. A project of King James I. for the division and plantation of the six escheated counties of Ulster with British and Scotish undertakers, servitors and natives. p. 53. VI. Orders and conditions to be observed by the undetakers &c. of the said plantation. p. 68. VII. A commission of inquiry in order to the establishment of the said plantation. p. 68. VIII. Instructions to the said commissioners. p. 70. IX. A survey of the said six eschated counties after the settlement of the said plantation, by Nicholas Pynnar Esq. p. 73. X. A letter from Sir Thomas Philips to King Charles I. Concerning the defects of the Londoners in their plantation. p. 129. To which is added XI. An essay on the defects in the histories of Ireland, and remedies prosposed for the improvement thereof. In a letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Newport, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and President of the Physico-Historical Society established in Dublin p. 135.
Historiographorum aliorumque scriptorum Hiberniae commentarium: or, a history of the Irish writers
history and antiquities of the city of Dublin, from the earliest accounts, The
history of antiquities of the city of Dublin ..., The
history of the writers of Ireland, in two books Viz. I. Such writers who were born in that kingdom. And, II. Such who, though foreigners, enjoyed preferments or offices there, or had their eduction in it; with an account of all the works they published. Written in Latin by Sir James Ware, knight; newly translated into English, revised and improved with many material additions, and continued down to the beginning of the present century. By Walter Harris, Esq., The
.in 1766 his work
new history of the life and reign of William-Henry Prince of Orange and Nassau King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. &c. &c. In which, the actions of that great Prince are distinctly and faithfully related; and the transactions in Ireland, relative to the revolution of that kingdom, (which have hitherto been slightly handled in all other histories) are amply set forth; and introduced with a summary review of affairs from the restauration to the revolution, to evince the necessity of the grand event, for the preservation of the established Protestant religion, and to vindicate the professors thereof for joining His Majesty in opposition to King James II. To which are prefixed, Two dissertations. I. On the government of Holland. II. A brief account of the illustrious House of Orange. Embellished with medals, struck upon the most memorable occurrences of his life. In four volumes., A
scriptoribus Hiberniae libri duo, De
Some antient pieces relating to Ireland
The Antient and present state of the county of Down. Containing a chorographical description, with the natural and civil history of the same. Illustrated by observations made on the baronies, parishes, towns... With a survey of the New Canal; as also, a new and correct whole sheet map of the county...
, which was against partisan anti-catholic history. in reply curry published his
whole works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland, revised and improved. Containing, Vol. I. The history of the bishops of that kingdom, and such matters ecclesiastical and civil, in which they were concerned ... Vol. II. The history and antiquities of Ireland ... Also, The history of the writers of Ireland ... with an account of all the works they published., The
with an appendix, containing an history of the Cathedrals of Christ-Church and St. Patrick, the University, the Hospitals and other buildings