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Pickering, E. C.
Pickering, Edward C.
Pickering, Edward Charles
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Cannon, Annie Jump
Kapteyn, J.C. (1851-1922)
Kapteyn, Jacobus Cornelius (1851-1922)
Rhijn, P.J. van (1886-1960)
Rhijn, Pieter Johannes (1886-1960)
Rogers, William A.
Russell, Henry Norris (1877-1957)
Searle, Arthur (1837-1920))
Wendell, Oliver Clinton (1845-1912)
Winlock, Joseph (1826-1875)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Young, Charles A. (1834-1908))
Algol variable [plus] 17 [degré] 14367. W. Delphini, The
Astronomical Observatory, The
Atmospheric refraction
Bruce Photographic Telescope, The
Circ. - Harv. Coll. Obs.
Comparison of Maps of the Ultra Violet Spectrum
Compilation of the papers on physics
Constitution of the Stars, The
Description of a machine for drawing the curves of Lissajous
Dimensions of the fixed stars, with especial reference to binaries and variables of the algol type
Durchmusterung of selected areas between 'delta : systematic plan
Elements of physical manipulation
Hall of Fame, The
Harvard College Observatory Time-service
Heights of the White Mountains
Henry Draper Memorial
In memoriam Williamina Paton Fleming
investigation in stellar photography, an
Large Southern Telescope, A
Light of Comparison Stars for Vesta
List of apparatus available for scientic researches involving accurate measurements, and contained in different American laboratories.
Memorial to Edward Charles Pickering
Meteorological Publications
Micrometer Level, The
Mountain Observatories
Navigation in Fog
New Form of Stellar Photometer, A
New Planetary Nebulae
New Star in Auriga, The
Nova Aurigæ
Objective Prism, The
Oration on the aims of an astronomer delivered in Sanders theatre, June 28, 1906, before the Harvard chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
Photometric revision of the Harvard photometry during the years 1891-94.
Plan for securing observations of the variable stars, A
Plan for the endowment of astronomical research
Position of the moon determined photographically.
Possibility of errors in scientific researches due to thought-transparence
preparation and discussion of the draper catalogue
Pritchard's wedge photometer
Results of observations with the meridian photometer during the years 1882-88.
Second catalogue of variable stars
Second report of the Committee on standard of stellar magnitudes
Spectra of the brightest southern stars, 1897:
Standard photographic magnitudes of bright stars
T Andromedæ Eclipse of Jupiter's Fourth Satellite, February 19 1895
Wikipeida, April 22, 2014
work of the Observatory