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Author of a Year's journey
Author of "A year's journey" (pseudonym)
One of the jurymen
One of the jurymen (pseudonym)
Thicknesse, Philip
Thicknesse, Philipp
Thickskull, Philip
Thickskull, Philip (pseudonym)
Year's journey, Author of a
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Bonnor, Charles (actor and dramatist.)
Caslon, Thomas (Londen)
Davis, Robert (Londen)
George Fabyan Collection (Library of Congress)
Millard, John (18th/19th cent))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640; Sir))
Stinstra, Johannes (1708-1790)
Yntema, Jacob (Amsterdam)
Account of the four persons found starved to death, at datchworth in hertfordshire
epistle, to Dr. Wm. Falconer, of Bath By Philip Thicknesse., An
further account of Abbé Mann's case and perfect cure of the gout* By Philip Thicknesse. With extracts of letters from Sir John Duntze, Bart. who is under the same course of medicine., A
gentleman's guide in his tour through France, The
letter from Philip Thicknesse to Dr James Makittrick Adair, A
letter from Philip Thickskull, Esq. to Edmund Rack, a Quaker, A
letter to Charles Bonner, Esq. Deputy Comptroller of the Post-Office. By Mr. Philip Thicknesse., A
letter to the Earl of Coventry; by Philip Thicknesse. Containing some extraordinary letters of the noble lord's to the author, written in the years 1780, and 1782. With an appendix, containing a still more extraordinary note of the noble lord's, written in the year 1785, A
letter to the Right Reverend Lord B-p of N-h, A
Man-midwifery analysed : and the tendency of that practice detected and exposed.
Memoirs and anecdotes of Philip Thicknesse late Lieutenant Governor of Land Guard Fort, and unfortunately father to George Touchet, Baron Audley
narrative of what passed between General Sir Harry Erskine and Philip Thicknesse, Esq; in consequence of a letter written by the latter to the Earl of B-, relative to the publication of some original letters and poetry of Lady Mary Wortley Montague's, then in Mr. Thicknesse's possession, A
new prose bath guide, the : for the year 1778
Observations on the customs and manners of the French nation, 1766:
Pere Pascal, a monk of Montserrat, vindicated: in a charge brought against him by a noble earl of Great-Britain. By P. Thicknesse
Proceedings of a general court-martial, upon the trial of Lieutenant-Gov. Philip Thicknesse. Held at the Judge-Advocate-General's Office at the Horse-Guards, on Wednesday, July the 3d, 1765; and continued by several adjournments, to Tuesday the 9th day of the same month
Queries, to Lord Audley by Philip Thiknesse, Senior.
Reize door Frankryk en Spanje, van den heere Ph. Thicknesse,...
sketch of St. Catherine's Hermitage, near Bath in a letter to Sir John O'Carroll, Bart. at Brussels., A
sketch of the life and paintings of Thomas Gainsborough, esq, A
Sketches and characters of the most eminent and most singular persons now living. By several hands. Vol.1
speaking figure and the automaton chess-player, exposed and detected, The
treatise on the art of decyphering, and of writing in cypher. With an harmonic alphabet., A
Useful hints to those who make the tour of France, in a series of letters written from that kingdom, by Philip Thicknesse,... These letters contain some account of the interior police of that kingdom in general, and of Paris in particular
Valetudinarians Bath guide, or the Means of obtaining long life and health... by Philip Thicknesse. 2nd edition with additions, The
Year's journey through france and part of spain
Year's journey through the pais bas or austrian netherlands