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Vain, Henry
Vain, Henry (Sir)
Vane, Harry
Vane, Harry (Sir)
Vane, Henry
Vane, Henry (Sir)
Vane, Henry The Younger
Vayne, Henry
Vayne, Henry (Sir)
Ven, Genri
Ven, Genri (Sir)
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Brooke, Robert Greville (baron, 1608?-1643. [from old catalog])
England and Wales. Court of King's Bench
Loudoun, John Campbell Earl of, 1598-1663
Northumberland, Algernon Percy Earl of, 1602-1668
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
brief answer to a certain declaration, a
Cunning plot to divide and destroy, the Parliament and the city of London, January 16. 1643. i.e. 1644:, A
Healing question propounded and resolved upon occasion of the late publique and seasonable call to humiliation in order to love and union amongst the honest part, and with desire to apply balsome to the wound before it becomes incurable
history of the rebellion
light shining out of darkness, the
meditations concerning man's life
needful corrective or balance in popular government, a
of love of god and union with god
people's case stated, the
pilgrimage into the land of promise, a
Retired mans meditations, or the mysterie and power of godlines shining forth in the living word, to the unmasking the mysterie of iniquity in the most refined and purest forms
Sir Harry Vane : his life and times, 1613-1662
Sir Henry Vane's defence. 1662.
speech against richard cromwell, the
Speech in the House of Commons at a committee for the bill against episcopall-government
speech intended to have been spoken on the scaffold, the
Three speeches delivered in Guild-hall, London, on Tuesday the fourth of March
Three speeches spoken in Gvild-hall, concerning His Majesties refusall of a treaty of peace
trial of sir henry vane, knight, the
two treatises: "epistle general to the mystical body of christ" and "the face of the times"
valley of jehoshaphat, the