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Rodgers, John
Rodgers, John ((American Civil War naval officer))
Rodgers, K. Jonathan
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Dunbar, Karl Owen
F ([from old catalog])
Hall, Asaph
M'Knight, John
New York Missionary Society
North Pacific Exploring Expedition, 1853-1856
Ostrom, John H.
United States Naval Observatory
Witherspoon, John
Bombardement de Valparaiso
Combat du Callao. Extrait du rapport officiel du commodore américain Rodgers. [Extrait d'une lettre de M. H. Nelson, ministre des États-Unis au Chili.]
company I kept, The : the autobiography of a geologist
Divine goodness displayed, in the American Revolution a sermon, preached in New-York, December 11th, 1783. Appointed by Congress, as a day of public thanksgiving, throughout the United States, The
faithful servant rewarded a sermon, delivered at Princeton, before the Board of Trustees of the College of New Jersey, May 6, 1795, occasioned by the death of the Rev. John Witherspoon, D.D. L.L.D. president of said college, The
Holiness the nature and design of the Gospel of Christ A sermon, preached at Stockbridge, June 24, 1779, before the Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, of Berkshire County, state of Massachusetts, and published at their request
Is it really better in the Bahamas ... for the Bahamians? -
[Letter of John Rodgers, superintendent Naval observatory to counteract the circular invoking the interference of the National academy of sciences in regard to the proposed measure of moving the Naval observatory.
Letter to the hon. K.W. Thompson, Secretary of the Navy, announcing the discovery of satellites of Mars : DD. Washington, August 21, 1877.
Letter to the hon. R. W. Thompson, secretary of the Navy, announcing the discovery of satellites of Mars... Washington, August 21, 1877. [Signé : John Rodgers.]
Observations and orbits of the satellites of Mars, with data for ephemerides in 1879, by Asaph Hall,...
old public schools of England, The
Principles of stratigraphy.
Report on the usefulness of government observatories.
Sistema cámbrico, su paleogeografía y el problema de su base 20 Congreso geológico internacional, 20 sesión, México, El ; Symposium
Six sermons upon faith
Tectonics and mountain ranges : a special volume of the American Journal of Science dedicated to John Rodgers in appreciation of his first 25 years as editor of the American Journal of Science
To D----r R-g--s Reverend Sir, Altho' it generally belongs to your profession to declaim on the vices and foibles of mankind, there are, notwithstanding, many instances wherein it is necessary for even a layman to lend his aid in this useful work.
Two sermons, delivered before the New-York Missionary Society the first on April 23d. in the Scots Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Dr. Livingston.
works of the Rev. John Witherspoon, D.D. L.L.D. late president of the college, at Princeton New-Jersey To which is prefixed an account of the author's life, in a sermon occasioned by his death, by the Rev. Dr. John Rodgers, of New York., The
Yankee surveyors in the Shogun's seas : records of the United States Surveying Expedition to the North Pacific Ocean, 1853-1856.