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F, H.
F, Henry Ferne
Fearne, Henry
Fern, H.
Fern, Henry
Fern, Henry (Dr)
Ferne, H.
Ferne, Henry
Ferne, Henry (Bp. of Chester)
Ferne, Henry (Dr)
H. F, Henry Ferne
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English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Force, Peter (1790-1868)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
ans. to Mr. Spencer's bk. intituled ... 1660:, An
commonwealth of oceana, the
Powers to be resisted, or, A dialogue arguing the Parliament's lawfull resistance of the powers now in armes against them, and that archbishops, bishops, curates, neuters, all these are to be cut off by the Law of God, therefore to be cast out by the law of the land : very necessary and usefull for the information of the ignorant, confirmation of the weake, stablishing of the strong, convincing of the froward in the clearing, resolving, and stating the legality of the covenant and this present warre ... Here is also a fit answere to Dr. Fern's late answer ...
resolving of conscience, upon this question, 1642:, The
resolving of conscience upon this question, The : whether upon such a supposition or case as is now usually made (the King will not discharge his trust, but is bent or seduced to subvert religion, laws, and liberties), subjects may take arms and resist? and whether that case be now? ...