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Herle, Charles
Herle, Charles (Master)
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English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
ahab's fall by his prophets flatteries
ansvver to mis-led Doctor Fearne, according to his own method, An : of his book : sect. 1.2, The divinity being by Scripture : sect. 3.4.5, The reason by Aristotle : sect. 6.7, The sense or matter of fact by witnesse examined.
Answer to mis-led Doctor Fearne, according to his own method of his book
Davids reserve, and rescue. -
fuller answer to a treatise written by Doctor Ferne, entituled The resolving of conscience upon this question, whether upon this supposition, or case (the King will not defend, but is bent to subvert religion, lawes and liberties) subjects may with good conscience make resistance ..., A
fuller answer to a treatise written by dr. ferne, a
independency on scriptures of the independency of churches, the
payre of compasses for church and state, a
Worldly policy, and moral prudence. The vanity and folly of the one, the solidity and usefulnesse of the other. In a moral discourse. By Charles Herle .., 1654: