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J. G. K, John Gerrard Keulemans
Johannes Gerardus Keulemans
K, J. G.
K, John Gerrard Keulemans
Keulemans, J. G.
Keulemans, Jan Gerard
Keulemans, Johannes Gerardus
Keulemans, Johannes Gerardus (Dutch painter and printmaker, 1842-1912, active in England)
Keulemans, John Gerrard
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Buller, Walter Lawry (1838-1906)
Marshall, George Frederick Leycester
Mivart, St. George (1827-1900)
Mivart, St. George Jackson (1827-1900)
Rothschild, Lionel Walter (1868-1937)
Rothschild, Walter von (1868-1937)
Trap, P.W.M. (1821-1905)
Trap, Pieter Willem Marinus (1821-1905)
Turbott, E. G.
Turbott, Evan Graham
Westerman, G.F. (1807-1890)
Westerman, Gerardus Frederik (1807-1890)
1868—1871.*[[richard bowdler sharpe|sharpe, richard bowdler]].
1870–1871.*[[gregory mathews|mathews, gregory m(acalister)]].
1871—1881. 8v.*[[henry eeles dresser|dresser, henry eeles]].
1871.*koslow, piotr kuz'mich, and bianchi v(alentin).
1873.*[[frank linsly james|james, frank linsly]].
1873 (premier edition).*[[walter lawry buller|buller, walter lawry]].
1875.*[[alphonse milne-edwards|milne-edwards, alphonse]].
1876–1878, three volumes.*[[philip lutley sclater|sclater, philip lutley]].
1880.*macpherson, h. a.
1881.*[[philip lutley sclater|sclater, philip lutley]], and hudson, henry.
1881 (premier edition).*[[émile oustalet|oustalet, emile]].
1885 (premier edn.)*[[st. george jackson mivart|mivart, george st. jackson]].
1888–1889, two volumes.*[[henry seebohm|seebohm, henry]].
1888.*[[henry eeles dresser|dresser, henry eeles]].
1888.*[[henry seebohm|seebohm, henry]], and [[richard bowdler sharpe|sharpe, r. b.]]
1890.*[[st. george jackson mivart|mivart, george st. jackson]].
1891.*[[lionel walter rothschild, 2nd baron rothschild|rothschild, lionel]].
1891.*mitchell, f(rederick) s(haw).
1891.*pidsley, william e(lias) h(elman).
1893.*oates, c. g.
1893.*rowley, george dawson.
(1895—1896).*[[henry eeles dresser|dresser, henry eeles]].
1905–1906*crawshay, richard.
1907.*[[charles dixon (ornithologist)|dixon, charles]].
2v. 1 plate in each.*harvie-brown, j. a.
2vols.*[[richard bowdler sharpe|sharpe, richard bowdler]].
5 fascicles, 1907—1910.*[[frederick ducane godman|godman, frederick du cane]].
anatomical and zoological researches: comprising an account of the zoological results of the two expeditions to western yunnan in 1868 and 1875 and a monograph of the two cetacean genera
annales des sciences naturelles.
annali del museo civico
aves, mammalia
Avifauna of Laysan and the neighbouring islands, The : with a complete history to date of the birds of the Hawaiian possessions
bijdragen tot de kennis der fauna van midden-sumatra.
bird notes.
Birds of New Zealand
Buller's Birds of New Zealand : a new ed. of sir Walter Lawry Buller's A history of the birds of New Zealand, reproducing in six-colour offset the 48 stone-plate lithographs by J.G. Keulemans, from the 2nd ed., 1888
Buller's birds of New Zealand; a new edition of Sir Walter Lawry Buller's A history of the birds of New Zealand
*bulletin of the liverpool museum
catalogue of the birds in the british museum
*[[daniel giraud elliot|elliot, daniel giraud]].
Dogs, jackals, wolves, and foxes : a monograph of the Canidæ
eastern persia: an account of the journeys of the persian boundary commission 1870--71--72. vol. ii; the zoology and geology.
emu., the
Extinct Birds : an attempt to unite in one volume ashort account of those birds which have become extinct in historical times - that is, within the last six or seven hundred years : to which are added a few which still exist, but are on the verge of extinction
feathers to brush
*[[frederick ducane godman|godman, frederick du cane]].
handbook of the birds of egypt.
*henderson, george, and [[allan octavian hume|hume, allan o(ctavian)]].
*[[henry eeles dresser|dresser, henry eeles]].
historie du bimaculated duck de pennant.
history of the birds of New Zealand, A
ibis, the
journal fur ornithologie
journal of the asiatic society of bengal
journal of the linnean society
*marshall, c(harles) h(enry) t(illson), and marshall, g(eorge) f(rederick) l(eycester).
midden-sumatra. reizen en onderzoekingen der sumatra-expeditie, mitgerust door het (aardrijkskundig) gennotschap, 1877—1879, beschreven door de leden der expeditie, onder tiezicht van prof. p. j. veth.
mittheilungen aus dem k[oniglichen] zoologischen museum zu dresden.
monograph of the Alcedinidae or Kingfishers, A
monograph of the Capitonidæ or scansorial barbets, A
monograph of the cinnyridae
monograph of the cranes, A
monograph of the lories, or brush-tongued parrots, [composing the family Loriidæ], A
Monograph of the Nectariniidae, or family of sun-birds, 1876-1880:
Monograph of the Petrels (order Tubinares), A
natal birds.
natural history of cage birds, 1871- :, A
nouvelles archives du museum d'histoire naturelles.
novitates zoologicae
observations on the geology and zoology of abyssinia, made during the progress of the british expedition to that country in 1867--68.
Onze vogels in huis en tuin
ornithological works of arthur, ninth marquess of tweeddale., the
ornithologie d'angola. 2 volumes, 1877–1881.*[[walter lawry buller|buller, walter lawry]].
proceedings and transactions of the new zealand institute
proceedings of the zoological society of london
quarterly magazine of the high wycombe natural history society.
[Recueil. Oeuvre de J. G. Keulemans]
revised edn.*[[william vincent legge|legge, w(illiam) v(incent)]]
scientific results of the second yarkand mission.
stray feathers;
Supplement to the 'birds of New Zealand'
transactions of the linnean society
transactions of the zoological society of london
(vols. 1—4).*[[john charles melliss|melliss, john charles]].
volume v, 1907.*[[edgar leopold layard|layard, edgar leopold]].