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Blackall, Offspring
Blackall, Ofspring
Blackhall, Offspring
Blackhall, Ofspring
Exeter (Lord Bishop of)
Exeter, Offspring (Bishop of)
Exon, Offspring (Bishop of)
Offspring (Bishop of Exon)
Ofspring (Lord Bishop of Exon)
ca. 1655-1716
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Language material
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Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)
Bradford, Samuel (1652-1731))
Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715))
Harris, Walter (1647-1732))
Hills, Henry (II, Londen)
Kettilby, Walter (Londen)
La Chapelle, Armand Boisbeleau de (1676-1746))
Leake, John (Londen)
Paupie, Pierre (17..-17..; imprimeur))
Stanhope, George (1660-1728))
eikon basilike
jure divino
Lawfulness and the right manner of keeping Christmas, and other Christian festivals
Lord Bishop of Exeter's answer to Mr. Hoadly's letter, The
sufficiency of the Scripture-revelation, as to the proof of it. Part I., The
way of trying prophets. a sermon preach'd before the Queen at St. James's November 9. 1707. By Ofspring Blackall, D.D. chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Published by Her Majesty's special command., The