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Claget, W.
Claget, William
Claget, William (Dr)
Clagett, William
Clagett, William ((controversialist))
Clagett, William (Dr)
Claggett, William (Dr)
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Basset, Thomas (Londen)
Gardiner, Fincham (Londen)
Hutchinson, C.
Newborough, Thomas (Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Robinson, Jonathan (Londen)
Rogers, William (Londen)
Tenison, Thomas (1636-1715)
Tooke, Benjamin (I, Londen)
Wake, William (1657-1737)
abridgment of the prerogatives of St. Ann, Mother of the Mother of God ..., An
Answer to the dissenters objections against the common prayers, and some other parts of divine-service prescribed in the liturgie of the church of england
difference of the case, between the seperation of Protestants. -, The
Discours von der Kirchen-Vereinigung. - s.a.
Discourse concerning the operations of the holy spirit: with a confutation of some part of dr. owen's book upon that subject. in three parts
discourse of church-unity
Of the authority of councils, and the Rule of faith
Of the humanity and charity of Christians. -
paraphrase and notes upon the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth chapters of St. John
paraphrase with notes, and a preface, upon the sixth chapter of St. John. Shewing, that there is neither good reason, nor sufficient authority, to suppose that the Eucharist is discoursed of in that chapter, much less to infer the doctrine of transubstantiation from it., A
present state of the controversie. -, The
preservative against popery
reply to a pamphlet called The mischief of impositions; which pretends to answer the Dean of St. Paul's sermon concerning The mischief of separation., A
Sermons on the following subjects viz. I. Concerning Christ's not appearing to all the people after his resurrection. II. Of the unbelief of the Jews. III. The qualifications of believers. IV. The state of the church in future ages. V. The great usefulness of discretion. VI. Of things lawful, and things expedient. VII. Of faith, hope, and charity. VIII. Of having our conversation in heaven. IX. Of the union between Christ and Christians. X. Of Christ's Kingdom. XI. Of the promise of the Holy Ghost. XII. Of Christian liberty. XIII. The strictness of the Gospel consistent with its grace and mercy. XIV. The divine condescension. XV. The great danger of apostacy from the truth. XVI. Of sincerity. By the Late Reverend Dr. William Clagett, preacher to the Honble Society of Grays-Inn. Now first published from the originals, by N. Clagett, D.D. Archdeacon of Sudbury, the author's brother.
Sermons. Selections
Seventeen sermons preach'd upon several occasions : With the summ of a conference, on February 21, 1686, between Dr. Clagett and Father Gooden, about the point of transubstantiation