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Shower, Bartholomew
Shower, Bartholomew (Sir)
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Baldwin, M. (Londen)
Bell, Andrew (Londen)
Gentleman of the Inner Temple, active (1735)
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
Hale, Matthew Sir, 1609-1676
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
Tindal, Matthew (1656-1733)
Antidote against poison composed of some remarks upon the paper printed by the direction of the lady russel, and mentioned to have been delivered by the lord russel to the sheriffs at the place of his execution
compleat English copyholder, or, A guide to lords of manors, justices of the peace, tenants ... &c. being the common and statute law of England, together with the adjudged cases relating to manors, copyhold estates, courts-leet and courts-baron, common placed, The : containing the whole practice of the court-leet, court of ancient demesne, court-baron, and musick-court of the honour of Tutbury, and the business of a manor in all its branches : and also the tenures, customs, and usages of several manors in England and Wales, shewing who has right to attend the coronation of the kings and queens of Great Britain, or to perform other services to them, or the lords of the several manors, collected from records, manuscript and printed books : with directions for distraining for rent, by the late Sir Bartholomew Shower
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. Cases in Parliament resolved and adjudged, upon petitions and writs of error, 1740:
essay concerning the power of the magistrate, and the rights of mankind, in matters of religion., An : with some reasons in particular for the dissenters not being obliged to take the Sacramental Test but in their own churches; and for a general naturalization. : together with a postscript in answer to the Letter to a convocation-man.
Reasons for a new bill of rights. -
substance of sir Bartholomew Shower's speech at the guild-hall, Exon, August 19th, 1698. Upon declaring the poll for the burgesses of that city elected, to serve in this present parliament., The
successionibus apud anglos, De
Treatise of hereditary descents