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Munroe, Charles E.
Munroe, Charles Edward
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Burrell, G. A. (1882-1957)
Burrell, George Arthur (1882-1957)
Hall, Clarence
Hall, Clarence [from old catalog]
Howell, S. P. (1880-1937)
Howell, Spencer Pritchard (1880-1937)
Steuart, William M. ([from old catalog])
Steuart, William Mott (1861-)
United States. Bureau of ordnance (Navy Department) [from old catalog]
United States. Bureau of the Census
United States. Bureau of the census. [from old catalog]
Artificial hematite crystals;
Bibliography of Charles E. Munroe.
Census of manufactures: 1905. Petroleum refining.
census of manufactures: 1905., The
census of manufactures of 1900., The
composition of certain modern powders., The
Corrosion of the copper of the Juniata.
determination of the relative sensitiveness of explosive substances through "explosions by influence.", The
Determinations of the firing points of various explosives.
detonation of gun cotton., The
development and functions of the Graduate school, The
Explosives; a synoptic and critical treatment of the literature of the subject as gathered from various sources
Handbook for seamen-gunners. Catechism of explosives.
Index to the literature ... [MI] 1938?
Index to the literature of explosives
Inspection of cotton for use in the manufacture of guncotton.
Investigations of explosives used in coal mines
Lecture on the preservation of wood as adapted to shipbuilding
Natural gas for Baltimore.
nitrogen question from the military standpoint., The
Peculiar perforation of zinc rods.
Physical testing of explosives at the Bureau of Mines explosives experiment station, Bruceton, Pa.
primer on explosives for coal miners, A
primer on explosives for metal miners and quarrymen, A
Regulation of explosives in the United States, with especial reference to the administration of the Explosives act of October 6, 1917
Some phases in the progress of chemistry.
wood distillation indusry in the United States in 1900., The