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Hincks, Edw
Hincks, Edward
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Birch, Samuel (1813-1885))
Cathcart, Kevin J.
Chabas, François (1817-1882; égyptologue))
Chabas, François Joseph (1817-1882)
Goodwin, C.W.
Goodwin, Charles Wycliffe (1817-1878))
Le Page Renouf, Peter (1822-1897))
Rawlinson, Henry Creswicke (1810-1895))
Talbot, William Henry Fox (1800-1877))
University College, Dublin. Department of Near Eastern Languages
attempt to ascertain the number, names, and powers of the letters of the hieroglyphic or ancient Egyptian alphabet; grounded on the establishment of a new principle in the use of phonetic characters, An
Babylon and its priest-kings... [By Edward Hincks.]
Catalogue of the Egyptian manuscripts in the library of Trinity college, Dublin
correspondence of Edward Hincks, The
Edward Hincks bicentenary lectures, The
Egyptian dynasties of Manetho... [By Edward Hincks.], The
Inscription of Tiglath Pileser I. King of Assyria. B.C. 1150. -
list of Assyrio-Babylonian characters with their phonetic values, A
Mélanges égyptologiques
On Manethos chronology of the new kingdom
On the Khorsabad Inscriptions
On the personal pronouns in their most ancient forms, by the Rev. Edward Hincks,...
On the Personal Pronouns of the Assyrian and other languages : especially Hebrew ...
On the polyphony of the Assyrio-Babylonian cuneiform writing : a letter to professor Renouf
On the relation between the newly-discovered Accadian language and the Indo-European, Semitic and Egyptian languages, with remarks on the original values of certain Semitic letters and on the state of the Greek alphabet at different periods, by the Rev. E. Hincks,...
On the three kinds of Persepolitan writing and on the mode of expressing numerals in cuneatic characters
Specimen chapters of an Assyrian Grammar
transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, The
What is to be done with the tithes in Ireland? the question answered