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Livingston, Robert
Livingston, Robert R.
Livingston, Robert Robert ((chancellor))
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Fulton, Robert (1765-1815)
Gibbons, Thomas (1757-1826)
Jefferson Exhibit Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
New York (State). Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors
Ogden, Aaron (1756-1839)
Sullivan, John L. (1777-1865)
Sullivan, John Langdon (1777-1865)
United States. Supreme Court
Van Ingen, James (1766-1843)
Wheaton, Henry (1785-1848)
case of Gibbons against Ogden, heard and determined in the Supreme Court of the United States, February term, 1824, The : on appeal from the Court of Errors of the State of New York : and involving the constitutionality of the laws of that state, granting to Livingston and Fulton the exclusive navigation of its waters by steam-boats
Essay on sheep : their varieties, account of the merinoes of Spain, France, &c., reflections on the best method of treating them, and raising a flock in the United States : together with miscellaneous remarks on sheep, and woollen manufactures
Essay on sheep; their varieties--account of the merinos of Spain, France, &c. Reflections on the best method of treating them, and raising a flock in the United States: together with miscellaneous remarks on sheep, and woollen manufactures.
Examination of the Treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation, between the United States and Great Britain, in several numbers
Free-Masonry. Unparalleled sufferings of John Coustos who nine times underwent the most cruel tortures ever invented by man, and sentenced to the galley four years, by command of the inquisitors at Lisbon, in order to extort from him the secrets of Free-Masonry : To this edition is added, a selection of Masonic songs, and a complete list of lodges, foreign and domestic.
invention of the steamboat. An historical account of the application of steam for the propelling of boats;, The
letter to John Lansing, Junior, Esquire, at present chancellor of the state of New York, A
opinions of the judges of the Supreme Court delivered in the Court of Errors, in the cause of Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton, vs. James Van Ingen and twenty others., The
original letters of Robert R. Livingston, 1801-1803, written during his negotiations of the purchase of Louisiana., The
Robert R. Livingston papers
[Sir, I beg leave to submit to you the following statement of facts with the inferences that may be fairly drawn from them ... relative to the repeal of the second section of an act passed in 1808, and an act passed in 1811, declaring to be forfeited to Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton, all boats of every description navigated by steam or fire within the state, with power to seize the same]