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I. P, Isaac Penington
P, I.
P, Isaac Penington
Penington, Isaac
Penington, Isaac (jr)
Penington, Isaac ((Quaker))
Pennington, I.
Pennington, Isaac
Pennington, Isaack
Pennington, Isaack (de Jonger)
Pennington, Isaak
Pennington, J.
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? (s.l.)
Claus, Jacob (Amsterdam)
Irenicus, pseud
Leach, Robert J.
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Penington, Alderman (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Penington, Mary (1625-82; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Penn, Lee
S.n. (S.l.)
Snell, Beatrice Saxon
Society of Friends Affiliation (see also from)
Wijnbrugge, Pieter van (Rotterdam)
Answer to that common objection against the quakers, that they condemn all but themselves with a loving and faithful advertisement to the nation and powers thereof
Babylon the great described : The city of confusion ...
Concerning the rule of the new-covenant, or, That which God hath appointed to be the rule to the children of the new-covenant
Concerning the times and seasons, both which have been and which are yet to be
Concerning the worship. - [1661]
Dear Friends, whom I love in the Lord and whose prosperity and growth in the truth I greatly desire, this sense is on my heart in reference to you at this time
Den wegh des Levens, 1675:
Den wegh des levens, ende des doots; : waer in alle menschen, door krachtige redenen, de menigerley wegen des doots; en daer en tegen het eene padt des levens klaerlijk worden aengewesen, en voorgestelt. Bestaende in eenige stellingen aengaende den afval, die in, en 't zedert den tijdt der Apostelen, van den Geest en het ware leven Christi ingebroken is ...
doctrine of the people called Quakers, in relation to bearing arms and fighting, The : extracted from the works of a learned, and approved, writer of that persuasion.
epistle to all serious professors of the Christian religion wherein a brief touch of my knowledge, sense, belief and experience concerning the God-head ..., An
For Friends of our meeting and thereabouts
fundamental right, safety and liberty of the people., The
inward journey of Isaac Penington; an abbreviation of Penington's works, The
Memoirs of the life of Isaac Penington
month with Isaac Penington: an anthology of daily readings, A
new-covenant of the Gospel distinguished from the old covenant of the law, The : and the rest or sabbath of believers, from the rest or sabbath of the Jews ... : in answer to some queries of W. Salters, tending to enforce upon Christians the observation of the Jewish sabbath ...
root of popery struck at, The : and the true ancient apostolick foundation discovered, in some propositions to the papists, concerning fallibility and infallibility ...
Scattered sheep sought after 1. in a lamentation over the general losse of the powerful presence of god in his people, since the dayes of the apostles, with a particular bewailing of the withering and death of those precious buddings forth of life, which appeared in many at the beginning of the late troubles in these nations, with the proper way of recovery for such, 2. in some propositions concerning the only way of salvation, where is an answer given to that great objection, that the light which convinceth of sin, is the light of a natural conscience, and a brief account rendred of the ground of mens misunderstanding scriptures, 3. in exposing to view the fundamental principle of the gospel, upon which the redeemed spirit is built, 4. and in some questions and answers, by way of catechism, for the sake of the simple hearted, directing to that principle, and fixing in it
seed of God and of his kingdom treated and testified of according to the scriptures of truth and according to true experience felt in the heart from the God of truth, The
Select pieces on religious subjects : first published about the middle of the last century
Severall fresh, inward openings, (concerning severall things) which the day will declare of what nature they are, to which judgment they appeal for justice, being contented either to stand or fall by it, and being likewise ready to kiss that condemnation, which they are likely to meet with in the meantime, from all sorts of men, whom they finde ready to deal hardly with them.
Some experiences which it hath pleased the Lord to give me concerning his way, his truth, his church and people, against whom the gates of Hell cannot prevail
Some queries concerning compulsion in religion
Some queries concerning the work of God in the world which is to be expected in the latter ages thereof with a few plain words to the nation of England, tending towards stopping the future breakings forth of Gods wrath, both upon the people and powers thereof : with an advertisement relating to the present state of things
Somewhat relating to church-government wherein the necessity, usefulness, and blessed effects of the true church-government, is here and there hinted at ... as also remarks upon some passages in a late book, entituled, Anti-christ's transformations within, discovered by the light within ... to which is added, some mis-representations of me concerning church-government cleared ...
To diligent and faithful Friends in and about the two Chalfonts
touchstone or tryall of faith, 1648., A
treatise concerning God's teachings and Christ's law with some other things of weighty importance, particulary mentioned after the preface, A
way of life and death made manifest. Dutch, The
Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Pennington. Selections